Sister Wives: Christine Gets Kody Brown But Meri Brown Does Not?

Sister Wives: Christine Gets Kody Brown But Meri Brown Does Not?

Sister Wives celebrity Meri Brown focused on some recent life issues and it sounds like this includes Kody Brown and Christine Brown’s latest escapades. Fans see Meri Brown as the sad and rather lonely husband of Sister Wives despite her time with family on the recent episodes.

The Sister Wives filmed new episodes over a year ago. There has been a lot of water under the bridge from that time until now. So is Meri today in a different place in real time than where she is on the TLC show?

Meri Brown Stumps Her Fans

The direction Meri Brown is taking is difficult to decipher in her last long and serious sounding online message. She said, “I distance myself from the toxicity”. Instead, this Sister Wives celeb said she wants to bring herself “closer to positivity”.

The message went on and on and many fans took it up as an escape plan for the original Sister Wives matriarch. Meri Brown sounded serious when she wrote how she now looks to the future. She leaves her door open for the possibility of love, change, improvement, challenge and more.

But as usual, this Sister Wives star remained generic and did not address what she meant by that. Meri Brown often posts these open messages that her followers cryptically doubt.

This leaves a lot of room for assumptions and so the rumors about Sister Wives begin. But there is one thing she mentioned that goes along with a real-time recent event that had to do with Kody Brown and his third wife, Christine Brown.

Sister Wives: Christine Gets Kody Brown But Meri Brown Does Not?

One of the things Meri Brown seems to have addressed in this message – Christine Brown. She didn’t mention any names, but the shoe seemed to fit through something she said.

The Sister Wives fans suggested that Christine and Kody Brown wronged Meri recently. Christine Brown lassoed Kody Brown’s help in a live sales segment online. Both she and Meri sell the same designer duds.

When fans saw the Sister Wives patriarch behind Christine and her sales, some were angry. They didn’t understand why he would help Christine and not Meri. Fans hopped online to give their opinion.

Meri Brown did all the hard work to make a living on her own with this online company. She built up a customer base on her own.

But Christine Brown comes along and seems to boost her sales by using Kody Brown to make her online bids. So the fans almost made it into a contest with Christine who brought the big guns, Kody Brown, to the market.

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