Sister Wives: Other rationale for Meri Brown’s very large Flagstaff home emerge

Sister Wives: Other rationale for Meri Brown’s very large Flagstaff home emerge

Sister Wives saw Meri Brown move into a small house in Flagstaff for the first time on the current season. However, her stay was short-lived when the neighbours complained. So she returns to Las Vegas for a while. Upon her return, the fans noticed that she eventually ended up in a big house. That surprised a lot of people because Mariah isn’t home anymore and Meri is just one person. Now, Kody explained the reason for her big house.

Sister Wives: Other rationale for Meri Brown’s very large Flagstaff home emerge

According to Kody Brown, the house was not only ideal for her large company, but also cost less than the previous house she stayed in. He referred to that little blue house we saw on the show. But here’s the interesting part. Kody Brown thought it was a great location for those big family gatherings we hear so much about. On the podcast the reference to LuLaRoe is no surprise. While a lot of people think the MLM’s are a bit of a scam, Meri Brown seems to be extremely successful. But successful to the point that she needs such a massive inventory is really interesting.

Nevertheless, the idea of having Meri Brown host those huge family functions seems more interesting than storage space. To start with, fans know that the Sister Wives show at TLC always seems to present the idea that Meri’s is at odds not only with Kody Brown but also with the rest of the women. In fact, at her Instagram, fans constantly wonder why she bothers to stay with the family at all. After all, they see her hopping around to conventions and cruises with the company. Many of them wonder how on earth she finds the time to even pay a visit.

Sister Wives: Is Meri Brown as estranged from Kody Brown and the other wives as much as the show makes out?

The show has been running for years, and if you remember, since the catfish incident in 2015, Meri Brown has pretty much brought the drama to the show. What would the fans see without Meri and Kody colliding, and the other ‘Sister Wives’ who hate her? Sure, with Meri out of the picture, it could get boring. There’s been a lot of fuss over the divorce and adoption of Robyn’s children. In fact, if Meri Brown didn’t have problems with the women and Kody, is there even a storyline?

Now it turns out that Meri Brown’s big house is the location for all those family gatherings. But Meri’s the one who, according to Christine, brings the “luggage”. She’s the woman Janelle Brown admitted centuries ago, she can’t even find anything to say to her in the car. And, Robyn seems so cold with Meri. Apparently, Kody and Meri rarely get along. So fans may wonder why they chose her home for their big happy family get-togethers? What do you think? Isn’t Meri Brown really that estranged from one of them? Let your thoughts be heard in the comments below.

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