Sister Wives: Other rationale for Meri Brown’s very large Flagstaff home emerge

Sister Wives: Other rationale for Meri Brown’s very large Flagstaff home emerge

Sister Wives saw Meri Brown move into a small house in Flagstaff for the first time on the current season. However, her stay was short-lived when the neighbours complained. So she returns to Las Vegas for a while. Upon her return, the fans noticed that she eventually ended up in a big house. That surprised a lot of people because Mariah isn’t home anymore and Meri is just one person. Now, Kody explained the reason for her big house.

Sister Wives: Other rationale for Meri Brown’s very large Flagstaff home emerge

According to Kody Brown, the house was not only ideal for her large company, but also cost less than the previous house she stayed in. He referred to that little blue house we saw on the show. But here’s the interesting part. Kody thought it was a great location for those big family gatherings we hear so much about. On the podcast the reference to LuLaRoe is no surprise. While a lot of people think the MLM’s are a bit of a scam, Meri Brown seems to be extremely successful. But successful to the point that she needs such a massive inventory is really interesting.

Nevertheless, the idea of having Meri host those huge family functions seems more interesting than storage space. To start with, fans know that the Sister Wives show at TLC always seems to present the idea that Meri’s is at odds not only with Kody but also with the rest of the women. In fact, at her Instagram, fans constantly wonder why she bothers to stay with the family at all. After all, they see her hopping around to conventions and cruises with the company. Many of them wonder how on earth she finds the time to even pay a visit.

Sister Wives: Is Meri Brown as estranged from Kody Brown and the other wives as much as the show makes out?

The show has been running for years, and if you remember, since the catfish incident in 2015, Meri Brown has pretty much brought the drama to the show. What would the fans see without Meri and Kody colliding, and the other ‘Sister Wives’ who hate her? Sure, with Meri out of the picture, it could get boring. There’s been a lot of fuss over the divorce and adoption of Robyn’s children. In fact, if Meri didn’t have problems with the women and Kody, is there even a storyline?

Now it turns out that Meri’s big house is the location for all those family gatherings. But Meri’s the one who, according to Christine, brings the “luggage”. She’s the woman Janelle Brown admitted centuries ago, she can’t even find anything to say to her in the car. And, Robyn seems so cold with Meri. Apparently, Kody and Meri rarely get along. So fans may wonder why they chose her home for their big happy family get-togethers? What do you think? Isn’t Meri really that estranged from one of them? Let your thoughts be heard in the comments below.

Written by Emma Fisher

TV Writer.
Emma Fisher is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. Oh Please leave Meri alone.! Yes she got catfished, so what, if Kody would’ve been giving her the attention she needed as well as deserved she wouldn’t have had to even think let alone react for a man’s attention. Just like all the wives getting equal attention and since Mariah moved out it was starting, you could see a little bit of the distancing happening because Meri had no more kids.Robin comes along Kody starts paying more attention to her and Christine and Janelle they get their time, gotta see the kids and if I have time I might stop by and say hi or try to call Meri. Shes alone.

  2. I Mary is as odd with everyone even that horrible husband..why doesn’t she just leave and get her own life,I’m some man would love to have her then she wouldn’t have to share that idiot..I have never likes that man he seems to too controlling..They following around like a puppy dog and he’s not successful in anyway..I wish Mary the best she’s the only on the show that I like.

  3. They are all concerned because Mary is making it on her own doing what she wants to do the rest of them are jealous he had Cody would open his eyes to the fact that she’s the only one that is there for him or he might regret getting a divorce but I wish Mary would move on find her a man and get on with her life and get the h*** away from all of them they’re jealous because she’s making it she has the B and B she has her clothing line and at the truth is known she is helping support the rest but the way they treated her Her in a last episodes is pretty Badd and I think Cody realizes that he is made a big mistake
    Please tell me what has been runs to their ex husband when they’re all supposed to be in one family and as for the hers support it my lets her I would tell him no he got them in the position that they are in now financially because he wanted to move to
    Flagstaff boy did he ever make a big mistake
    He really put them all in the mind as far as Christina she’s a piece of work at the words what I’m saying is if she’s jealous as h*** because Cody does not spin as much time with her she is not the only one that is with him but she thinks she should be the only one she does everything she can to get him over to her house
    Well I just hope Mary opens her eyes and get out of that family gets a good man because she is the best one on that show and they treat her like SHIT

  4. Meri, independent & self sufficient. Why does she continue to support Kody? Think about it…the wives all support him, who does he support? Not even himself. He has them so brainwashed. Meri needs to distance herself, move to her bed & breakfast, she can run her business from there. Get away from him!

  5. Mary graciously gave up her position as Cody’s legal wife so he could adopt Robin’s kids. And as soon as the adoption was over and her having no children at home she only be came an after thought after all the other wives. And Cody and the other wives were shocked that Mary reached out for some companionship else where. It’s ok for Cofy to have as many wives as he wants and they are all supposed to be loyal to him. How are you loyal to some one that wants to hold against you for wanting some other companionship . Kind of hypocritical. Polygamy shouldn’t be one sided for the man only. Mary has more character than any of that plural family
    She gave up her position as legal wife our of love for others only to be treated horribly by Cody and the other wives. The other wives will never be as giving to Cofy snd his wants as Mary was. Respect the heck out of Mary and her over all concern for what was best for family. A d look how they reacted when she wanted to save her family home. And make something good with it. Mary is TV he best

  6. I can’t stand Robyn. Not even a little bit. Ifeel sorry for Meri . She brought Robyn into her home and she wiggles her sneaky coniving hands and makes sure she gets her way and gets Meri to divorce Kody so she can be the real wife. I don’t think it had a single thing to do with the adoption. That was an excuse to make meribfeel some type of way. Robyn is jealous and she makes me sick.

  7. Meri, is crazy for staying. You can see it in her face, when they are gathered at any time. She has proven she can do it on her own. She does not need kody or the other wives. What about the big house he and Robyn’s can gather there.meri needs to step up up and move on

  8. I am so sick and tired of Kody …he treats Merri like dirt and I believe that he has no trouble spending her money that she makes. I absolutely love Merri….Robin also treats Merri terrible after Merri gave up her husband so he could marry Robin and adopt her kids. Janelle is spending more time with her kids and it doesnt look like Kody isn’t there with her too….I’m just tired of Kody….he needs to grow up and put his big boy pants on…

  9. Mary doesn’t seem too happy , at least on the show…I wish she would just leave, if it’s what SHE wants and fine someone who makes her feel special. She wishes her daughter wanted her closer to her but I think that ship has sailed. Their relationship is better since Mariah came out and is happy with her partner. I think everyone is pretty much over Mary’s drama. Damaged done, especially with Janelle. Who by the way is my fav, doesn’t get jealous when Kody has time with them. Poor Christine, still can’t cope that Kody has 3 other wives, case in point she doesn’t want to live in the BIG HOUSE Kody is trying to sell to them….because she’ll see him leaving to spend time with one of them on THEIR night. Geez! Grow up! What did she think she was getting into with a plural marriage?

  10. Meri, brought up divorcing Kody so he could adopt Robin’s kids. I was surprised a judge would agree to that. We all know that Robin was bought a huge house in,Flagstaff, cost more than the others. I agree Meri should move on, she, Janelle and Christine are free to move on. Meri bought a B & B without the families help. She is going well with clothing sells. What does Kody do? Where did money come from since before TLC came along, they filed bankruptcy, were on foodstamps.

  11. It’s all for the show.they weren’t even going to renew the show’s contract,until Cody agreed to take less money.For people so hard against it financially again it,theyre homes are sure don’t show it.The whole show is becoming BS.

  12. Meri Brown should leave that ridiculous family. Cody Brown disgusts me. She has a lot to offer to a caring relationship with someone else. She can financially
    Live on her own. They treat her badly. The other sisters wives are a joke with stupidity.

  13. Mari needs to move on…she is free to do so. When people make you feel like you don’t matter only your money does
    ..time to take a another path to your true happiness. Don’t beg for attention/love. Takers will keep taking..know them for who they are!!!

  14. You all believe any of the drama? These people make money from this show and the more drama the more popular they are. Do you really think Meri would stay if they all wanted her out. I think we no nothing even close to the truth about their family relationships.

  15. Meri is the show.if it wasn’t for her they wouldn’t have an income.Then Janelle is the one that has brain enough to let them know they need to pay thier fair share.

  16. I can’t process anything in the entire situation. This man, who’s supposed to lead with respect, neither shows nor deserves ANY.
    What, exactly, does he DO besides jump from one bed to another? I scarcely think ANY of these women could be satisfied in ANY way. We know Meri isn’t. She has been a doormat for the entire series and viewed as less just because she bore that beast ‘only one child.’
    I had better stop.

  17. There is so much in the world that needs attention, who care about Meri Brown or her band of sister wives. I will not criticize how people live (many wives) but I do know they don’t need any attention. Too many people in the world really need it, not the Browns.

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