Sister Wives: Janelle Brown over-rules objections, Kody Brown agrees with her

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown over-rules objections, Kody Brown agrees with her

Sister Wives fans know that Kody Brown hasn’t given up the idea of a giant mansion for the whole family. This despite the differing opinions of the various wives. Robyn Brown doesn’t seem thrilled and Christine is against it. But Janelle likes the idea. In this week’s season, we’ve seen that Robyn and Christine Brown have been having trouble with their evening dates. But Kody agreed with Janelle’s thoughts – just don’t look out the window.

Janelle Brown over-rules objections, Kody Brown agrees with her

Remember Kody Brown said that every apartment in the big house would be soundproof. Well, Christine Brown said her kids are noisy. Janelle Brown exaggerated, suggesting that they should be very noisy. Actually, on Christine’s Instagram, her kids are getting loud. Just this week, the girls were dancing to loud music, partying at home, lots of screaming and laughing. Now, Janelle said something Kody agreed with, about going on dates at night.

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During this week’s show, Robyn and Christine Brown found another reason to hate the idea of a big house. They didn’t like the idea of a single front door. As they pointed out, it might be a little hard for the other wives to see Kody Brown go out with another wife. In her confessional, the InTouch Weekly reported that she said, “Don’t look out the door d-n if you don’t want to see… Kody going out with another wife on a date.” Well, the patriarch of the Sister Wives agreed with her on her Twitter.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown posts on Twitter about dates

On his Twitter, Kody Brown answered Janelle. He wrote, “Yes! @JanelleBrown117. If you don’t want to see me leave with the other wife, don’t look out the window. #Sister-wives.” Actually, fans know Christine Brown suffers from a lot of jealousy issues. Maybe she hates the idea of him dating someone other than her. Even though she doesn’t vocalize it much, Robyn might also hate the idea of the single-home thing through jealousy issues.

Keep in mind that in Utah, Meri, Christine, Kody and Janelle all lived in one house. But Robyn had little experience in this area. Janelle seemed to miss those nostalgic days of many small children and one big happy family. It’s not easy managing to make all four wives happy Kody told Reality Life With Kate Casey last week.

Fans also question the wives’ mentality. On Twitter, a fan told Kody Brown, “Janelle Brown alone remembers why you’re in this situation. Where’s all the talk about how sacrifices and sharing make everyone better? It’s women who still share a husband, but wish they didn’t. How can others accept your lifestyle if you don’t accept it?

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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  1. Isn’t living all together the thing they said made them all one big happy family. Robin just wants to call the shots and Christine knew what she was getting into when she married into the family. Jealousy will rot her heart. Maybe she should go talk to the poligomy therapist.

  2. I thought when they first started the show, the wives were all in the same house in Utah. Robyn was not with them yet, but if they had stayed in Utah, she would have moved in or they would have gotten a bigger home. They never show them having religious meetings anymore, etc. They should all be in one home if they are really serious about serving God as a family unit. Las Vegas changed them all and not for the good either.

  3. All you sisters,
    Why would you all even consider being part of a polygamist family if you cant handle living together? Kristine got a little taste of independance in LV and likes it that way. I think she would be fine dishing the rest of them. Im frankly appauled by her show of selfcenteredness.
    Robyn is afraid of change because she has never known anything but living
    In LV. I feel she would be open with some encouragement. Mary and Janelle have been in the faith from the beginning with the right motives and willingness to keep moving things in the direction that they were intended. Janelle is just such a level headed secure woman that loves deeply, her entire family. Mary has been through some emotionally draining times but I feel has grown through it and is evolving into a stable support for the rest of the family.
    Kody needs to realize he can probably get his dream home if he just thought about it and gave each one of his wives what they need from him most. Each one a little bit differently but Love and adoration in the language they operate in best.

  4. You are in a polygamist family .How not know he goes with the other wives?It seems stupid to say I dont want to see it .Are you just putting your head in the sand and ignoring it?Dont become a part of that family if you dont want your husband to have other wives.

  5. The Sister Wives have always said that part of the benefit of being in a plural family is being able to be a parent to the other wives’ children. Also how much they love the other wife And they are friends, etc,If that is the case, then why would they not want to live in a single dwelling where the children can intermingle easier. Clearly the older children benefited from their relationships. Also, Christine and Robin , why would you be in a polygamous marriage if it bothered you to share your husband? I agree with Janelle, why are you worried about what he is doing when he is not with you? For those of you who don’t think Janelle is smart, Think about it. I think she has a perfect situation. She has a man when she needs him to do something. She has him for an intimate relation often enough but She has her independence also And doesn’t have to put up with the disadvantages of having a man around all the time. If I were Mary, would be putting my foot down about being ignored by Kody. He needs to realize that had he been paying appropriate attention to Mary, She would not have been online talking to someone else. Everyone needs affection and affirmation. He wasn’t getting it from Kody, so she looked elsewhere. I say if they don’t move into one big house, they might as well call themselves the mistresses of one man and not wives.

  6. First , he isn’t making all his wives happy, once he made the remark that he needed his own shed, well stay there then. I can see where needing my own space is important, he isn’t going to get the older kids back home except for visits , I personally think Kody is very selfish , and a bully, he upsets the whole family on his own wims. I watch off and on, keep waiting for Mary to finally say I’m done ; Kody belittles her and doesn’t even try with her , he clearly doesn’t listen to anything in therapy .

  7. Christine needs to leave the family she no longer wants to be a part of and move herself and her kids back to LV.
    She isnt into the whole family as one. Cody needs to divorce her. Her heart isnt in it.
    Janelle is the one who has Codys back as all his wives should have.
    They need to follow the his direction with no questions or crying..what about me? They knew that marriage to Cody meant.
    He’s the decider.

  8. Kody has a wife-Robyn a mistress-Christine a girl friend-Janell a friend with out benefits -Mary
    Everybody needs to know their place Christine wants more than a mistress position which she will never get
    Robyn let it slip that the legal wife holds the cards if Kody dies
    This is a hot mess they are giving plyam ist a worse name than it already has
    My grandfather. had two wives and they did indeed live in the same home
    Yes these women are going to separate when Kody dies Ours did but the children remained close my dad went to live with his sister mom after his dad died

  9. Guess life isn’t as rosy living like a commune type setting as Kody tried to originally sell us. ‘ Love should be muliplied’ doesn’t seem to be the wives view. For them, his love has been divided. Not interested at all in this show…. just hypocrites

  10. Have they never lived in a apartment or seen a apartment building? It seems to me that the architect did consider privacy, hence sound proofing. And building codes alone would require more than one entrance and exit. Just saying. I think these 4 woman have a lot more issues than housing. I haven’t seen a whole lot of focus on the religious aspects of their lives. More of the material aspects.

  11. I don’t think the Browns will stay together once all the little ones are grown. What’s the point ? So Kody’s ego remains intact? Without kids a marriage changes, this one has no where to go.

  12. Mari was divorced!, did they marry again? If devorced she wouldnt be is wife. I know they renewed vows but 8f divorced no vows to renew? .
    Mari leave this man and then your heart will heal and the crying will stop,these women your ex sister wifes are bringing you down, your kind person desvered to be loved nt demolonised. Reguardds and good luck Mari

  13. I don’t know why any of the wives are even discussing this. They went into a plural marriage with their eyes 👀 wide open and knowing how it works.Now they want to change it all up. I have watched every episode from the beginning I loved it when they all lived under one roof with all the children.Everyone seemed to share the kids and meals with all of the wives working together. It seems like a couple of wives want to live as though they have a single family. If they can’t accept their plural families under one roof then they need think about what they really want. Just my opinion. Thanks for giving me the chance to vent.

  14. I am not a type of person that gives my view on someone else life. But I have held this in to long. Cody needs to stop and think about what Meri has done for him. She married him, she has with open arms welcomed 3 other Women in to her home and her husbands bed. She divorce Cody to let Cody legally marry Robin, for her kids. She has done everything g he asked. All for him to treat her like a dirty wad of gum on the bottom of his shoe. As for this big house. It has nothing good going for it. It’s going to cost alot. And who is going to pay for this castle? King Cody? Nope Queen Janelle, and 3 other servants Mari, Christine and Robin. So I just don’t like how ego hungry, self centered, cold hearted, bully Cody is making it looks like he telling them fellow me or you will get the same treatment I am giving Meri.

  15. I think Mary is a kind and loving person. Kody needs to stop mistreating her. Kody needs to get over himself and treat Mary as good as he does his other wives , you can tell his favorite is Robyn. Stop crying so much Robin. Robin is out for herself. Christine is a very jealous person. I think she is rude. When she married Cody she already knew he had two wives and looking for more. Janelle is my favorite. She is very smart and doesn’t cling on to Kody. She knows he has wives and seems to be happy about it. I don’t think Janelle likes Kody around all the time and I don’t blame her. Moving into one big house is a good thing. To me it’s only right for them to live in one big house. That way the husband, daddy is always in the house if needed not at one of the other wife and don’t see Dad for afew days or week he’s right there. Think of the CHILDREN FIRST. Kody needs to stop being so wise washy. He sometimes act like a spoiled child. Be good to all your wives. Last time I checked she was you first wife and still with you. Treat all your wives the way you do Robin and you will have 4 happy wives. Think about it Kody. I say one big house your children will love it. That’s the most important. The negative wives will be happy after you put the final say and build the house. I hope all good things come y’all way. I enjoy the show.

  16. Robyn said something about her kids wanting to know where Daddy went when he stayed at another wife’s house. Christine talks about no privacy but that big house has different wings for different wives. Each has a kitchen, living room n bedrooms. Robyns would need to be enlarged as she has more kids. Christines too. Meri would need a bigger guest room to accommodate her business but honestly she should leave. Kody is just a bully and makes these decisions impulsively. He reacts not thinks things thru. Robyn is obviously Kody’s favorite. Everyone knows it. He will get his way because he will stomp his foot until they all agree. I just think it’s a bad idea.

  17. at first it was interesting to see how everyone coped with the interaction of wife delegating with Kody. He is the most out of touch and self absorbed man I know.
    It is hard enough to love a man let alone share him.
    The girls need there space and time with him….not under the same roof.
    His visions of grandeur to have the flock all under on roof may have worked in his father’s time…..but tines they are a changing…
    .whether you love him or not. Jody is out of touch and needs to bring himself and polygamy into the 21st century.

  18. Christine is very selfish and a very jealous wife! She knew what she was getting into when she married Kody. They all did. Kody is the head of the household he should just make the decision to live under on roof and just roll with it!

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