Sister Wives: Christine’s Feathers Ruffled By Shared-Husband?

Sister Wives: Christine’s Feathers Ruffled By Shared-Husband? Sister Wives: Christine’s Feathers Ruffled By Shared-Husband?

Christine Brown offers a hard-nosed “no” about living together in one house. But she presses Kody’s buttons when she doesn’t even want to listen to what her ‘Sister Wives shared-handsband’ has to say.

Kody Brown’s third wife takes a stand. She suggests that there is no need to talk about the house if she refuses to live there. Not only is Christine Brown tired of this house presentation, but the fans’ comments also suggest that they too want the house to continue.

It is at this point that Kody Brown offers Christine Brown the awareness of being part of a family. It also suggests that there may come a time when one of the wives will no longer want to be part of the family. Perhaps they can buy that wife, he suggests. Kody said so many words to her – if you don’t like it there’s the door?

Kody Brown’s reaction seems really out of the ordinary and certainly not what most fans would expect from Sister Wives celebrity”. But it also seems that Christine was stunned by his seriousness. She then goes on to describe what would happen if she died. He wanted every wife to have her own fortune.

Perhaps the Sister Wives’ shared husband decided to backpedal a bit once he saw his wives expressions. Maybe he tried to make his gesture towards Christine Brown a little more generic. Or… maybe it was the editing of TLC that took something Kody Brown said out of context to give the show a touch of drama that didn’t work itself.

Is This Editing Or Kody Brown Making a Stand?

Usually, Kody Brown goes off with his tail between his legs sulking when the wives disagree with him. So this could be the handiwork of editing Sister Wives. In a recent episode, Kody Brown showed self-pity for his lack of enthusiasm for his shared home. He also showed self-pity for the financial mess they’re in.

When Kody Brown came out with his statement on whether or not to be part of this family, Christine seemed uncomfortable. But once again, that’s what really happened. As it happens on screen, the Sister Wives episode shows everything that happened in that conversation. Or do the fans just get pieces that lead to some supposition series?

Kody said he’d thought about buying a wife’s share if she wanted to leave someday. Of course, Christine Brown never mentioned leaving her sister wives’ family.

The point is that Christine’s negativity could push Kody Brown to the limits of this week’s episode. Or… it’s possible that TLC took some liberties with the editing to make it look like this.

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