Sister Wives: Why Sister Wives fans feel Meri could be the first to leave

Sister Wives: Why Sister Wives fans feel Meri could be the first to leave

Sister Wives‘ star Kody Brown raised the possibility of divorce. It doesn’t mean that one of his wives will move on any time soon, but it could happen. Fans speculate which of his wives would move on first. It seems there are a few possibilities.

Kody Brown became a polygamist for religious reasons. That doesn’t mean his wives have to be polygamous forever. He has no problem “moving on” with any of them if they’re not happy anymore. This has been a shock to the fans, especially when they claim to be first and foremost for the family. But some fans think some wives would fight over a way out if they wanted to.

Sister Wives: Why Sister Wives fans feel Meri could be the first to leave

Kody Brown has made it clear that he agrees with the concept of divorce, or the reason to leave the family. Fans are now talking about who could leave first. As Showbiz CheatSheet reported, the most obvious answer is Meri Brown. Her relationship with the family has been tense for several years. Marriage therapy hasn’t helped much. Even fans noted that Kody and his wives can’t stand to be around her.

Meri Brown’s become the outsider in the family. Now that her daughter no longer lives at home, she’s free to go wherever she wants. Meri Brown has a self-employed business that supports herself. She owns the Lizzie Heritage Inn, a bed and breakfast in Utah that has been successful without the help of her husband and sister wives. She may live closer to her son, but she has decided to stay with the Brown family. She’s not even close to the sister wives and other children. So it wouldn’t be a great loss if she moved on.

Sister Wives: Christine says she loves living away from the family

Although Christine Brown is one of the strongest supporters of the family’s plural lifestyles, she seems comfortable being alone. As In Touch reported, she is content to be separated from her sister wives. She was not sold on the plans for Kody’s big house. Christine doesn’t like the idea of seeing her family every morning.

During the February 9 episode of Sister Wives, she explained why she is against the idea of the whole family living together.

Kody Brown’s future plans to let everyone live under the roof don’t go well with Christine Brown. She’s made it clear she doesn’t like his big house plans. She hated it so much it affected her diet.

“I ate SO MUCH after @realkodybrown presented “One House. I loved our lifestyle in Vegas and I don’t see why we would mess with perfection. It. Was. Perfect,” she tweeted earlier on another episode of Sister Wives.

However, it is not clear if she would run away from the family. Christine Brown admits that she is attracted to Kody Brown and has the desire to become his third wife in the family’s book, Become Sisterwomen.


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