Sister Wives: Robyn Gets Snarky With Kody?

Sister Wives: Robyn Gets Snarky With Kody?

Sister Wives celebrity Robyn Brown seems to feel her oats in the next couple of episodes, as some rather snappy remarks seem to heighten emotions. When Kody Brown pushes this one house, Robyn first pretends to be standing on the fence.

But suddenly the youngest of the twin sister wives who sided with her partner Christine Brown appears. Christine is the one who started the campaign to shut down Kody’s idea. So this can’t be good for the chief of the tribe.

Sister Wives: Robyn Gets Snarky With Kody?

Robyn Brown gets a little cranky about her common husband Kody Brown in the next episode. She’s the only wife who’s never lived in a house as a Sister Wives family. While she admits this, she also says that what she feels about it leaves her wondering if this might divide the family.

Robyn Brown has long been considered Kody’s favorite wife among the four. Fans believe that the patriarch of the Sister Wives continues with the honeymoon mode even today when it comes to Robyn Brown. It seems that the followers of this TLC show usually describe Kody Brown as a favoritism treatment of Robyn Brown.

So either Kody Brown has had enough of Robyn in the next episode and her temperament increases, or she gets help looking that way. Maybe they use a smart Sister Wives editor to give him a backbone when he looks sick of the next episode.

Just when it looks like Christine Brown won’t change her mind, it looks like Robyn’s talking. Suddenly she’s Christine’s sidekick in this fight. What his younger wife has to say not only hit an umbilical cord with Kody Brown, but also with another one of his wives.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Finds ‘Rubbing’ Uncomfortable

The Sister Wives share her husband appeared stunned by Robyn’s spiel. At the same time, Janelle did not seem to buy what Robyn had tried to sell. But Kody Brown bought it and took it very seriously. That’s because he didn’t like what he heard.

The vision of Kody Brown’s only home is focused on what is best for the polygamous Sister Wives family. Kody seemed to think that Christine and Robyn focused on what is best for the wives’ jealousy tendencies. The fourth wife of the Sister Wives clan began this conversation with an imagined scenario.

Robyn Brown suggested how the other wives would watch while Kody left the house with one of them. She thought it would be uncomfortable for the wives to see too much Kody with another wife.

At one point Robyn Brown referred to this as “rubbing”. It seemed to mean that they all rub against each other in a shared home lifestyle. She elaborated her commentary on rubbing with another word to define it: friction.

Robyn Brown then said that if you heat two pieces of metal melt together or break. She was afraid that the one house would destroy the family. Robyn also suggested that it might also bring a wife out of the Sister Wives’ marriage.

Robyn Brown didn’t mention any names, but with Christine’s behavior, viewers might think it was Christine. At one point either Kody went well beyond her norm or the editing made it look like she showed Christine the door, if that’s what she preferred. It’s a mess, or so it seems.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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  1. Robyn you are sooooo annoying & a whiner..Wish they would take sister wife’s off the air the show has become boring & can’t stand Robyn’s whinie baby ass.. Christine is so jealous & the way she acts & talks drives me crazy..Why did you become a sister wife?? Please take this show OFF no more please🤯

    • Really they were a twisted family in the beginning . but they did live together as a family …what are they teaching their children . living together like outlaws .

  2. They entered into this lifestyle with full understanding that they were sharing one husband. So why would they not expect him to spend time with each wife. Christine and Robyn are very insecure and jealous. I wish Robyn could learn to express herself with out bawling and whining every time. They might as well build 4 homes side by side to each other like big condos.

  3. Vickie, I agree, cancel this cancer of a show!!

    I can’t stand Kody Brown. He’s selfish, self-centered, etc. I quit watching it.

  4. This show and the sister wives just need to let Mary go…..she wants out anyways. And for the love of God get rid of that stupid ass Robyn. All she does is whines and thinks she’s the greatest person ever. I can’t stand her or even looking at her nasty face. Just let Janelle and Christine have Kody. They both love him for the right reasons!!!!

  5. Good grief . are y’all so delusional that if yo don’t see the other mistresses that they don’t exist . you need to change the name to “who will lay kody tonight” this is not a marriage . this is not out of religious beliefs . YALL DON’T EVEN GO TO CHURCH . ITS KODY COLLECTING WOMEN . LOOK OUT ROBIN .. HE GONNA NEED A NEW BABY MAKING MACHINE SOON .

  6. I enjoy this show. I think Kody and Robin are the problem when it comes to Meri. I know Meri did the right thing by divorcing Kody so he could adopt Robin’s kids. But I feel they should of divorced so Meri could remarry Kody. Meri was the first wife and should always be. They had a good relationship until all that went down. Meri and Janille are my favorite. Robin is a B and whines to much and Christine is to jealous to be in a relationship like this.

  7. They are PLURAL WIVES. Someone PLEASE let them know that. Not seeing Kody leave on a date??? WHAT DO THEY THINK WHEN HE ISNT IN THEIR BED AT NIGHT ??? hhmmm. He’s in someone’s so get over it already. Show never shows what wife he is with at night which if they (producers) want the full reason this show is on, I believe it should show it.

  8. It’s easy for anyone who is watching to judge. but in reality we don’t know everything .therefore no one should be judging. They are just trying to live the best life that they can. I have watched sister wives since day one and will continue to watch until the last episode and in the process I will continue to hope the best for the browns where ever life takes them.

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