Sister Wives: Robyn’s Rules For Toasting

Sister Wives: Robyn’s Rules For Toasting

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is the newest of Kody Brown’s four wives. She joined the family just over ten years ago. However, she is responsible for many of the family’s most precious traditions. Recently, we learned that it was Robyn who introduced the family to fondue for Valentine’s Day.

Now, thanks to a promotional video just released, we know that Robyn Brown is also behind the Brown group’s birthday tradition. So, as the family gathers to celebrate Kody Brown’s birthday, we see the tradition in action.

Sister Wives: Kody No-Roast Toast With Mocktails

The birthday of Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown is celebrated in a big way. With four women and 18 children, his birthday is undoubtedly a reason for everyone to celebrate it. In the next episode we see Brown’s children and women come together to wish him a happy birthday.

The family has a fun way to honor the birthday boy – thanks to Robyn Brown. They toast the guest of honour with mocktails and say something nice about him. It’s like a roast, but with a gentler, gentler twist.

Sister Wives: Robyn’s Rules For Toasting

Robyn Brown explains the three rules that the children of the Sister Wives must follow when making a birthday toast to their daddy. The first rule is they can’t say anything rude. The second rule is that what they say must be a compliment to the person’s birthday. And the last rule is you can’t interrupt each other.

Basically, you listen to what everyone says before it’s your turn at Sister Wives. According to Robyn Brown, the kids really like it and are looking forward to it. Of course, since it’s Kody Brown’s special day, the kids are even more agreed to listen to what their brothers and sisters say about their shared daddy.

The Sister Wives shares their gratitude to their common father and thanks Kody Brown for his love, guidance and acceptance of them and their dreams.

Fun Family Doings Revealed

Sister Wives fans are starting to learn a lot of Kody Brown clan traditions this season. We learned they make fondue for Valentine’s Day. And now we know they roast the birthday boy with mocktails. Both of these family traditions are relatively new because they’re the work of Robyn Brown.

However, a fun family tradition of Sister Wives is an old but good one. It seems that Kody Brown and the others eat Italian food on Christmas Eve. This was accidentally shared by Meri Brown recently. There is really no other reason, apart from the fact that the Italian flag is red and green and these are the colors most associated with Christmas.

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