Sister Wives: Kody Fed Up with Robyn and Other Sister Wives

Sister Wives: Kody Fed Up with Robyn and Other Sister Wives

Sister Wives star Kody Brown seems to verbally put on her “big boy panties” and reduce Robyn Brown to tears in the next episode. Kody Brown talks about being the “leader” of the family. But he’s often outnumbered and loses one battle or the other while the Sisters Wives shoot with the camera.

In the next episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown finally unleashes his anguish about the ridicule he sees towards him. The result – Robyn bursts into a river of tears. Of course, this is what the preview suggests. But whether or not it’s due to TLC editing, fans won’t know until Sunday night’s episode comes out.

Sister Wives: Kody Fed Up with Robyn and Other Sister Wives

When Kody Brown feels outnumbered and not listened to by his wives, he tends to hang his head and retire. Sister Wives fans have witnessed scenes where Kody Brown used to feel sorry for himself when his wives didn’t see things his way.

Although, in the next episode this Sunday, it looks like I’m tired of this battle of the Sister Wives of the Big House. He’s done just about everything to get his wives interested in this huge housing proposal.

He’s taken the trouble to create the elaborate picture display of his proposed home. So, it looks like Kody Brown gave it his all. Maybe his sister wives will say no, but Kody expected them to at least give him the courtesy to think about it first.

It looks like the roadblocks rose even before the first image of the house graced the TV screen. In the new episode of Sister Wives, one of the two wives seems to be more in tune with Kody Brown than the others. No, it’s not Christine Brown for her total refusal to even look at the blueprints of this house. It seems instead that Robyn Brown is suffering the consequences of her rejection of a lifestyle she has never even tried.

The three original Kody Brown wives lived together in one house with the patriarch of the Sister Wives. But Robyn only knows the polygamous lifestyle from her home, with her co-owners as neighbors in their separate houses.

Now Kody Brown’s youngest and fourth wife seems to be at the forefront of the campaign against this idea of the Sister Wives‘ house. It seems that Kody unleashes his animosity for his roadblock attempts in the next episode.

Sister Wives: Robyn Feels the Wrath?

The previews seem to indicate that not only Kody Brown but also Janelle Brown are running their juices. It seems the two of them are fed up with Robyn’s attitude in the new episode of Sister Wives on Sunday.

Of course, this could also be the result of TLC editing. But the clips suggest that Robyn feels the weight of what both Kody and Janelle see as an asinine reason to block the move into a shared home.

The patriarch of the Sister Wives jumped on social media to describe feeling “ridiculed” around her dream house. But instead of rejecting the idea, Kody Brown takes a stand on the next episode. In the preview, he seems to become a little more assertive than usual when he wants this house shared by the Sisters Wives.

So far all the opposite has to do with jealousy for Kody Brown and he recognizes it. The only real ally he seems to have in this fight is Janelle Brown. She has fond memories of a house shared with her Sister Wives. This was years before Robyn entered the picture.

Meri Brown still seems undecided, but Christine also leads this battle with Robyn Brown against a house for the entire Sister Wives clan. It seems that Robyn Brown, the only wife who has never experienced this unique home lifestyle, jumps behind Christine. In this Sunday’s episode, it looks like Robyn Brown is reduced to tears.

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