Sister Wives: Kody Brown thinks his wives lie

Sister Wives: Kody Brown thinks his wives lie

Sister Wives fans know that this season’s TLC show focuses on the big house that Kody Brown wants. He plans to put all the women under one roof. Admittedly, once in the big house, they will each live in their own apartment. But only Janelle Brown seems to get into the idea. Now he’s worried that the rest of the women are telling the truth about what they’re really doing.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown thinks his wives lie

TV shows Ace reported that there is a possibility that the Brown family is considering returning to Utah. That speculation arose after the news came out that Utah’s law of bigamy could be a minor offense. But that’s all in the future if it happens at all. Remember that Kody Brown said last season, he loves the idea of running for office in the state that “banished” him. In the meantime, the current season shows a lot of drama about the big house in Flagstaff.

Janelle Brown loves the idea of one big house. Several times she came up with Kody Brown’s idea. Meanwhile, Christine Brown came right out and said she hated the idea. Robyn Brown seems unhappy with the idea, but doesn’t seem to bond. Then Meri is pretty quiet, almost as if she doesn’t care anyway. Now, in a preview for the next episode of Sister Wives, it seems Kody’s suspicious that she’s lying to him.

Sister Wives: Are They Trying To Avoid Conflict?

While the conflict over decisions faces almost every married couple, five different opinions seem insurmountable. By forcing his wives to get involved, Kody Brown gathers the women together and wants to list the pros and cons of life in one house. But it seems that there are few pros and cons. Again, Christine Brown certainly doesn’t hunt the pros and cons of the situation, but prefers some independence. In fact, none of the women look happy to be put on the spot.

Monsters and Critics note that Kody Brown’s backup is Janelle Brown again. She said, “What kind of family are we?” That’s after Meri Brown expressed her caution. Poor Meri Brown seems afraid the ceiling will come down on her if she doesn’t agree. And Robyn walks around and notices that everyone tries to approach it with caution. The Sister Wives family seems to live on egg shells, where everyone is afraid to upset the others. Well, eventually Kody Brown gets irritated. You can watch the preview on this link on Facebook.

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