Sister Wives: Kody Brown Yells At Robyn Brown For Taking Defending Meri Brown’s Side in Latest Drama

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Yells At Robyn Brown For Taking Defending Meri Brown's Side in Latest Drama

Kody Brown is not happy. During the Sunday, March 1, episode of Sister Wives, the reality star, 51, snaps on Robyn Brown when she defends Meri Brown‘s choice of land.

However, it seems that the issue goes deeper than just real estate.

“I am so sick of trying to accommodate Meri Brown,” he says during an interview. “I’m so angry now. I’m so angry, I almost can’t talk.”

While Meri Brown, 49, is not there to defend herself, Robyn Brown, 41, tries to stand up for her – which annoys Kody Brown even more. “She won’t be happy unless she lets you all bow at her feet, waiting for her,” he says to Robyn Brown.

She quickly responds, “Stop saying s–t like that!”

In a later interview Kody Brown says that he believes the women would rather fight with him than with each other. “In some ways they take Meri Brown’s side,” he says. “That’s their prerogative.”

During the Sunday, February 23, episode, Kody Brown revealed he wasn’t thrilled that his wives spend time together.

“When I was younger, I used to enjoy watching my wives go out and play and have fun together. I’m exhausted, I think,” Kody Brown said in the episode. “I don’t see plural marriage in the same light as it used to be. I’m struggling with plural marriage and I’m struggling with my wives and I’m struggling with their conflict. We are now in a phase of our lives where we were far apart and we are wrestling with each other.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.

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