Sister Wives: Meri Pays the Price of Kody’s Poor Planning?

Sister Wives: Meri Pays the Price of Kody’s Poor Planning?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown seems to pay a huge price today for Kody Brown’s idealistic vision that left her stuck in a revolving door. It started with last year’s rapid move to Flagstaff under Kody’s leadership.

It seems that the Kody Brown family either rolled into town under a cloud of bad luck or flourished the year for landlords selling their rental properties. Either way, the Sister Wives clan is anything but settled these days. That goes three times for Meri Brown.

Meri Pays the Price of Kody’s Poor Planning?

On this coming Sunday night, Sister Wives show, Meri Brown drops a bomb over her housing problems. But she’s not the only one feeling close to homeless today.

When Kody Brown moved his clan to Flagstaff, he thought it was a place where their Sister Wives lifestyle was welcomed. Meri Brown was the first to find a problem when her neighbors protested against a close relative of Sister Wives. But the neighbor didn’t speak for the whole town. Yet Meri’s landlord asked her to leave and she did.

This was right after Kody Brown and his family first moved to Flagstaff, so Meri returned to her empty house in Vegas for a while. She stayed alone in the cul-da-sac of the Sister Wives family, as the rest of the family lived in Flagstaff. Then Meri Brown found a rather extensive house in Flagstaff. So she moved her household to the new rented house.

Sister Wives: Kody and His Wives Digest the News and Dinner

So far Meri Brown has moved from Vegas to Flagstaff, and then back to Vegas. Soon she returned to a new rented house of Flagstaff. This time the house was so luxurious that it came with an elevator for the original matriarch of Sister Wives.

While it looked as if Kody’s wife Meri Brown had settled down until the Coyote Pass was built, the bottom fell out again. On Sunday’s new episode of Sister Wives, Meri Brown informs her co-wives and shared husband that she’s out of her rental again.

The scene is a dinner, but Kody Brown, Meri, Christine and Janelle don’t eat at a table. No, instead they spread out a blanket and have what looks like pizza on their Coyote Pass land. The scene is relaxed and friendly, but that’s just the calm before the big Sister Wives storm.

A big fight, one they’ve never had before, breaks out as the women eat pizza and stare across the land. It seems that while they’re talking about where to build their four individual houses, they explode into battle. It seems a few of the women want a good home, but only one can have it.

Landlords In Hurry to Sell?

It seems that the landlord is selling the house in Flagstaff where Meri lives, so they will not extend her rent. While Kody Brown and his four wives are at Coyote Pass on the new episode of Sister Wives, they have a picnic dinner. This is when the two women, Robyn Brown and Meri Brown, offer this bad news… they have nowhere to live.

Robyn Brown has already told Kody and the other wives that she has to move. But now the bad news is she hasn’t had any luck finding a place to rent. This makes two moves for Robyn Brown and three for Meri since she arrived in town. What’s worse, neither one of them has another place to call home.

While the adults of Sister Wives still seem to be in transition today with all those moves, the fans are ringing in. Many of the Sister Wives fans are pointing the finger at Kody Brown for bad planning with this move.

Fans have called Kody Brown in the past for what they feel is moving too fast with this move. Even his adult children doubted the urgency of this Sister Wives move. Instead of selling their homes in Vegas first to invest in their building plans for the Coyote Pass, it’s almost as if they’ve gone backwards.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.

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