Sister Wives: Kody Brown And The Wives Clash Over Moving Homes

Sister Wives: Kody Brown And The Wives Clash Over Moving Homes

Sister Wives fans seem disappointed in the way the current season of the show plays out. In fact, some long-term fans just further away from even watching it. The whole season so far has revolved around the women and Kody arguing about moving into one big house. Now, Kody complained about the stress of moving houses, but the fans gave him little sympathy and got in his face about his decisions.

Kody Brown And The Wives Clash Over Moving Homes

In the last season of the TLC show, the fans saw mounting horror among the women when Kody proposed the move to Flagstaff. Anyway, as the fans know, Kody almost always gets what he wants, so they all moved away from Las Vegas. The hasty decision saw them move before they sold their homes in Vegas. That put a lot of financial pressure on the Brown family.

In Sister Wives‘ current season, Kody wants all his women to live under one big roof, but apart from Janelle, they seem reluctant. As each episode progresses, Kody Brown understands more and more of them. In fact, TV Shows Ace reported that he’s upset, because it seems like the women are telling him they’re lying about their feelings about all this. We noted that the women seem to disagree, because that only escalates the tension. But actually none of them even wanted to move to Flagstaff. Except, maybe Robyn Brown, who suspected her son would move to college there.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown complains about moving

Remember, the Browns used to live in Utah. Then Kody Brown moved them all to Las Vegas, where they seemed happy enough to live in their culdesac. But then Kody got a bee in his hood over Flagstaff and despite objections, everyone moved one. However, they had nowhere to move, and then several women moved several times. Now, Kody complained about it on his Twitter.

On his Twitter, Kody Brown wrote: “We are very discouraged to have to move. This will be the THIRD “SECOND” move in Flagstaff. I’ve been opening and repacking boxes for 10 months.” Well, he didn’t get much sympathy from the fans of the Sister Wives show. Everybody’s tired of him moving for no apparent reason. Someone said, “Do you ever think this is all your fault?” Then someone else commented, “Then maybe you should have had a plan before your whole family ended up in precarious situations. It’s not rocket science.

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