Sister Wives: Fans support Meri Brown, blast Kody

Sister Wives: Fans support Meri Brown, blast Kody

Sister Wives fans have seen a lot of drama between the women and Kody Brown, or the women themselves. Just recently, the Browns got into it with each other over housing and property concerns, and some fans are calling it the biggest fight yet for the family. Now, Janelle Brown comes forward to reassure the fans that no matter how dramatic the show gets, it’s real. Janelle Brown claims that Sister Wives isn’t scripted at all, even if it seems too wild to be true. This is what she had to say about the show.

Sister Wives has its biggest fight yet

Kody Brown, the patriarch of the Sister Wives family, seems determined to build a single home for his family. Unfortunately, negotiations over who will live where the family seems to be fighting.

The Brown family visited Coyote Pass, where they now own land. The group sat down to discuss the land allocation for their new homes. Robyn Brown and Meri Brown said they were the last to choose where to build.

Meri Brown claimed that Kody Brown did not adequately explain her wishes when it came to her preference for the property. She snapped at Kody and joked about leaving their marriage. Meanwhile, Robyn claimed that she was basically told that she would have all the options for the land, and Meri claimed the same thing.

Meri Brown told the producers, “It’s like she had the exact same conversation with Robyn that she had with me.

Kody Brown claimed he was trying to keep Meri Brown happy by giving her first choice. He told his other wives, “This is the game she’s playing. She’s always played it… She won’t be happy until she’s got you all bowed at her feet.”

Robyn was defending Meri, and Kody Brown told her not to. Janelle and Christine told Kody Brown that being frustrated wouldn’t help at all. “Yeah, but I play this game all the time. I do her dance all the time,” Kody rebutted.

Sister Wives: Fans support Meri Brown, blast Kody

Fans, meanwhile, seem to have feelings for Meri Brown after what happened between her and Kody Brown. The Sister Wives argument seems to have set a lot of viewers against Kody.

A Twitter user wrote: “It’s sad that Kody Brown talks about Meri Brown like that in front of all of you when she’s not around and he seems to forget that he got a divorce for Robyn and her kids.

Another user answered: “It really showed his mood and true feelings towards his first wife! She has been through everything and I can see why she was looking for attention. She certainly left this terrible man!”

“It’s sad that the family is so divided. It seems Kody is really trying to keep Meri at a distance with everyone,” said another commentator.

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