Sister Wives: Is Kody Brown and Robyn Brown’s Relationship Is In Danger?

Sister Wives: Is Kody Brown and Robyn Brown’s Relationship Is In Danger?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown’s alleged favorite wife could have lost her charm over the Brown family patriarch. In the preview of the recent episode, Kody suggested that he might be able to buy a house himself. Not only that, but he also said he might consider dissolving the partnership with wife Robyn. Fans are shocked by this sudden change of events. Let’s take a good look at what happened between Kody and Robyn.

Sister Wives: Is Kody Brown and Robyn Brown’s Relationship Is In Danger?

During the last few episodes we thought Meri Brown was the only target of the Patriarch of the Brown family. We didn’t think the series of disagreements could affect Kody Brown’s relationship with Robyn Brown, his fourth wife.

In fact, he told Robyn Brown that he’d give all his scrapes to her. Besides, he yelled at her because she was trying to defend Meri. About a month before that episode was on the air, Robyn Brown took it upon himself to tweet and called out Kody because he was a drama queen.

The preview of the recent episode showed that Robyn’s children were worried that their mother would move again. Kody insists on buying a house, while Robyn Brown wants to rent one. After an argument, Robyn Brown went to Meri to talk about the problems in her marriage to Kody. She said he was pushy, and there have been times when she was angry with him. In the confessional, Kody tells the producers that he is thinking about dissolving his relationship with Robyn.

Rough Season For Kody Brown and His Wives

Right after the whole family uprooted their lives from Las Vegas to move to Flagstaff, Arizona, Kody Brown started convincing them all to live in one big house under one roof. Christine is completely against the idea, and Janelle wants everyone to live as a family. Meri and Robyn are in the way.

However, it seems that after the huge bullet that Kody Brown put in, Robyn may not meet all of her husband’s needs. So much for being the favorite wife. Since Kody divorced Meri to marry Robyn and legally adopt her children, there have been many problems between Meri and Kody. Meanwhile, he continued to enjoy the honeymoon phase with Robyn Brown.

But now there are definitely problems in paradise, since the star of Sister Wives Robyn Brown is no longer the obedient wife she once was. All this time we’ve been focusing on whether or not Meri will leave the wedding. But this time viewers seem to be more concerned about the future of Kody and Robyn’s relationship. Express your thoughts in the comments that follow.

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  1. I don’t think anyone should be legally married to Kody Brown, he’s not a trustworthy man!! Full of ideas, and insists his “wives” are all in!! He’s a true true bigamist flake

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