Sister Wives: Kody Always Favoring Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: Kody Always Favoring Robyn Brown

It has long been speculated that Kody Brown is only in love with his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. He adored her from the moment they began courting. When the pandemic hit, it became clear that he would do anything for her. He even destroyed his relationship with his oldest children to be by her side.

Now, fans on Reddit have started a thread about a scene between Kody Brown, Robyn Brown, and Christine Brown. To them, it’s pretty obvious that he has no interest in listening to what his former third wife had to say. Yet, he was all ears when it came to Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives: Kody Always Favoring Robyn Brown

Although Kody was introduced to Robyn through his first wife, Meri, their relationship was broken from day one. He was seen kissing her while Christine Brown was in labor with Truely. This was extremely disrespectful and showed where his loyalties were.

Later, it was Robyn Brown who had to wake Kody Brown up from a nap to let him know that Truely was in the hospital when she was a baby. She had gotten very sick when the wives were away. She had so many children that the responsibilities fell on the older children.

Robyn Brown was the only wife to use a nanny, while Christine was the one who raised her and Janelle’s 12 children. They moved to Flagstaff so that Robyn’s oldest son could attend school and she could be closer to him. In addition, the other wives were all pursuing career paths while Robyn was vague with her job at My SisterWife’s Closet. When they all actually moved to Flagstaff, she got the bigger house.

The pandemic hit in 2020 and he was almost exclusively in his home all the time. He claimed he would rotate, but that almost never happened. His reasoning was that the other wives didn’t follow the rules or their children were disobedient. Robyn was the “obedient” wife, as he called her, and her children knew what to do. The other children started blaming Robyn and big rifts formed because of her behavior and favoritism. Now fans are seeing that this has been a long time coming.

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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