Sister Wives: Robyn Kotows to Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Robyn Kotows to Meri Brown

Sister Wives celebrate Robyn Brown seems to feel the weight of an explosion for his co-wife Meri Brown in the new episode on Sunday night. Better yet, fans of this TLC show will finally learn the details of those “table scraps” in a movie that has been circulating since this season began.

Sister Wives: Robyn Kotows to Meri Brown

A scene from Sister Wives has been repeated over and over again since the start of the new season and has left fans a little confused. This scene starts with a furious Kody Brown yelling at Robyn Brown.

Kody Brown tells Robyn that he takes all the leftovers from the other wives’ table. The husband of four people doesn’t stop there. It’s obvious he’s furious at Meri Brown. Especially when he says not very nice things about the original matriarch of the Sisters Wives.

This husband of four children not only screams, but does a bizarre dance of stamps. The husband of the Sister Wives seems to keep his feet on the beat for every syllable he says. Reports indicate that Kody Brown yells at Robyn and warns her that Meri Brown will not be happy until she gets what she wants. Kody then tells Robyn that Meri Brown wants all the other wives to “bow at her feet” and “wait for her”.

But this scene goes against what Sister Wives viewers usually see on the screen. That’s because Robyn with the table scraps doesn’t match what viewers see on this show.

From where most fans sit, Robyn Brown takes the lion’s share. The fourth wife of this brood of Sister Wives lives in a larger house.

Also, reports indicate that Kody spends more time with Robyn Brown than the other wives. So Robyn Brown settling for leftovers doesn’t fit in with what Sister Wives fans see with their own eyes as the episodes unfold.

When that scene comes out this week, fans will learn what Kody Brown means. It looks like leftovers from the table are turning into more than just leftovers from the meal for Robyn Brown, Meri Brown and the Sister Wives clan.

This Sister Wives husband married four women who need to be pleased with his presence. But Robyn Brown seems to be the center of attention. So hopefully this week’s episode will clear up all the confusion surrounding the Kody Brown explosion.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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  1. The way Kody berated Robyn in front of her kids, basically saying its Moms fault if we don’t buy a house you’ll have no where to live? Then saying it’s all Christine’s fault they aren’t building the big house??? In front of the kids? He will do anything to manipulate things to go his way! I hope all four wives leave him but Janelle won’t, she just seems to never take a stand!! Or maybe she is strongest of all? It’s time to stop this abuse Kody and yes I said abuse! TLC cancel the show for the wives sake!!

  2. Mr. Brown is a PIG! He is who caused all the freaking drama. Meri divorced him so he could marry precious and needy Robyn and adopt her kids. Told the women they were selling their cul-de-sac homes, make a ton of money and build new homes. Failure! They lost money on the sales, no new ‘houses’, wants to buy Robyn a house off ‘the property’, Meri is looking for rental but the big deal is Robyn. He caused her daughter to have anxiety attack with his tactless way of airing he and Robyns differences to the kids. Totally unnecessary! He is a jerk! Run Meri, don’t look back. He blames you for his shortcomings. RUN!

  3. Kody needs to quit acting like a child that doesn’t get his way. Rather then demanding to Robyn listen to her and see what her reasoning is and why she doesn’t want to buy.

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