Sister Wives: Kody At It Again

Sister Wives: Kody At It Again

Fans of the Sister Wives show saw Kody in action when Flagstaff’s move first appeared on his drawing board. Back then, this was money-driven. Kody Brown believed that what they had in the capital of their homes in Las Vegas would guarantee them a quiet existence in Flagstaff.

This promise of financial gain helped convince his “sister wives” to accept the move. It’s also something he’s reminded of once he’s in Flagstaff for a while. Robyn Brown reminds him how the financial gain they hoped for ended up costing him money in the long run.

In a scene from Sister Wives last week, he does it again. Although this time his conversation is rather fleeting after the reception his idea comes from his wives. So, it looks like Kody Brown has a plan to get the most out of it again. But this time his idea is greeted with four sets of dagger eyes.

Sister Wives: A Room Filled With Unpleasant Thoughts?

A choir of women from the Sister Wives shaking their heads immediately knocked down Kody’s idea of building houses for rent. During their last visit to Coyote Pass the adults of the Sister Wives said horrible things to each other.

So when they get together after the dust has settled and try to talk, the last thing Kody Brown needs to present is a new scheme to make a quick buck. But not only does Kody do that, he’s also dressed for the part. Suddenly he gets excited at the thought of becoming a real estate tycoon. Even his whole attitude takes on a new form. But has he forgotten he has an army of sons and four wives to provide housing?

The scene begins with the women patiently waiting for their husband’s arrival shared by their sister wives. Kody Brown is late due to an appointment with a lawyer. That seems to explain his overalls attire. When he finally arrives, he bounces into the room with a smile on his face.

The Sister Wives’ boss even looks at the part of a budding real estate tycoon when he presents his lawyer’s new information. His gold watch glitters against his business suit as his lawsuit begins.

The Sister Wives’ husband delivers the news he received from his lawyer to his four wives. Kody Brown has learned that in Flagstaff there’s practically nothing for tenants. The rental market is in desperate need of housing and the price of rent is skyrocketing. So there’s tons of money waiting.

Get Rich Quick Scheme?

The Sister Wives businessman emerges as he tells his wives what the lawyer suggested. He should build those houses on Coyote Pass and then rent them. Kody makes it follow the way they get rich. Boom… that’s not what the wives want to hear.

Robyn Brown is angry when she’s watching the Sister Wives’ cameras to condemn Kody’s latest project. The other wives are stunned and try to bring Kody Brown back to earth by telling him that this is not the right time to entertain this idea.

But has the idea been rejected or have the wives finally accepted? In real time, the followers of the Sister Wives know that Robyn Brown has bought a new house. In last week’s episode, she refused to buy a house. But she did after the episode was filmed.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.