Sister Wives: You’re Not Alone, Janelle Brown

Sister Wives: You’re Not Alone, Janelle Brown

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has a secret that has remained hidden despite the TLC cameras following her life. But it seems one of her co-wives recently revealed the secret. It happened when Janelle attempted a feat she finds almost impossible to accomplish. Look what a shocking secret Kody Brown’s second wife kept hidden.

Nothing Backwards About Brown?

How to describe the problem of Janelle Brown who has plagued you for most of your adult life? You could say she has a backlog of problems. One thing’s for sure, you might not want to be behind her when she backs up. In a new Sister Wives clip, Janelle feels uncomfortable trying this driving manoeuvre.

Although Janelle Brown seems confident behind the wheel of her car, that changes when she backs it up. At 50, Janelle Brown still doesn’t seem confident about backing up. She says it’s a special thing she can’t master.

Janelle Brown describes the problem because she doesn’t have the “space ratio” needed to back up a vehicle. Another excuse Janelle Brown offered the Sister Wives camera is that it’s too low. But that backup camera in her car is the best thing for her driving, she said. Although apparently she still can’t use it in reverse.

Sister Wives: You’re Not Alone, Janelle Brown

From what the experts say, it seems Janelle Brown is not alone with her fears. The two most feared driving tasks involve reversing a car. Both reverse and parallel parking tend to be the most feared events for new drivers. And some experienced drivers argue that this fear – like this Sister Wives mom. So, here’s how the secret got out.

Christine Brown heard that her counterpart Sister Wives had problems with her backup move. So when it was time to leave Coyote Pass after a family picnic, Janelle Brown said she might need help. So, Christine was ready to get in Janelle’s car and back up for her. Look at the picture above and keep reading to see what happened.

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