Sister Wives: Robyn Brown and Kody Brown Argue

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown and Kody Brown Argue

Sister Wives celebs Kody Brown and Robyn Brown find themselves in an undesirable situation, but it was doomed to happen if the anger amps up. Kody Brown no longer walks in harmony with all four of his wives. When the anger erupts from different angles on the next episode, the worries that belong to the adults now trickle down to the Sister Wives children.

Kody About to Dissolve Relationship?

The previews indicate that the Patriarch of the Sister Wives is considering the dissolution of one of his relationships. But no one knows what Kody Brown means. He could be talking about one of his marriages. Or just the business relationship with one of his wives. That’s because the problem has to do with property.

Assumptions are online about Sister Wives’ spouse of four and Robyn Brown may be getting divorced. That’s probably not gonna happen. Especially since the two of them seem fine together in real-time photos. But the consequences of their quarrel hit home hard.

When the Sister Wives go out on Sunday night with a new episode, a crisis seems to occur. Or so it appears in the previews. Robyn Brown and Kody Brown continue to go head-to-head for the purchase or rent of a property, as Robyn only has 60 days to move in.

So Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives gets serious. Robyn Brown and her common husband discuss their problems individually in front of the camera. Fans hear Kody Brown wondering how to end an affair.

But once again, the changes for the previews could lead fans to think it’s a divorce he’s talking about. He could be talking about taking a wife out of the family business when he talks about breaking up an affair.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown and Kody Brown Argue

Fighting between adult Sister Wives is one thing, but when children are involved, it’s something different. When Robyn and Kody continue to fight in front of the children, it doesn’t bode well for one of Robyn’s daughters.

All of Kody Brown’s sons had an experience that uprooted them from the lives they knew and loved in Las Vegas. They came to Flagstaff even though some didn’t want to move. While the siblings who protested against the relocation were then teenagers, they were still underage and had to follow the direction of their parents.

Robyn’s kids face another uprooting on the show. Add to this the fact that the children heard Robyn and Kody Brown arguing, according to previews of the Sister Wives for Sunday night’s show.

Robyn Brown is protective of her children, as fans have seen in the past. She didn’t want the adults of Sister Wives to talk about Robyn Brown’s need to move around her children. That’s because she hadn’t told them yet and she wanted to tell them in her own way. But it looks like Kody’s taking care of it in the video below, adding further anguish to Robyn.

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