Sister Wives: The Home That Kody Brown And Robyn Brown Bought

Sister Wives: The Home That Kody Brown And Robyn Brown Bought

Sister Wives fans heard late last year that Robyn Brown moved into a really big house in Flagstaff. For a while people wondered if they bought it to rent out. After all, they knew from the end of last season, the family was buying property on Coyote Pass. Now it’s confirmed that they bought the house and it wasn’t Robyn Brown’s idea.

Sister Wives: The Home That Kody Brown And Robyn Brown Bought

TV Shows Ace reported that fans got a little confused about Roby Brown and Kody Brown spending almost a million dollars on such a big house. After all, their Coyote property needed development. Other women, like Meri and Janelle Brown, lived in rental properties. The Daily Mail shared about the new house in Arizona. They noted that it comes with a huge kitchen, a garage for four vehicles, four bathrooms and five bedrooms.

The critics of Sister Wives really thought that Kody bought the house with Robyn Brown to give in to her demands. But that may not be true. This week fans saw Robyn Brown and Kody arguing over the house. We reported that their fight over all this got heated. And, finally, Aurora, Robyn’s daughter broke into a panic attack. Fans beat Kody down for discussing the house in front of the kids.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Felt Kody Brown Pushed Them İnto The Purchase

At the show, when Robyn Brown was told to leave the rent, they only had sixty days to find a new place. Kody Brown found it easier to buy a house than to mess around and try to find a new rent. We noticed that Robyn seemed angry when he announced his decision to the children. And,uh,it seemed like a one-sided decision. Robyn Brown said, “Well, we don’t have to do that, we’ve got a little time to keep looking for a rental.”

The Sister Wives star also said, “I think Kody Brown decided to tell the kids he wants to buy.” It seemed like Roby Brown thought it was premature. In her confessional, like the fans, she noted that buying a house was probably a setback for anyone who moved to the Coyote pass. Robyn Brown felt Kody’s decision was “affecting the whole family,” noted InTouch Weekly. Well, the fans grew irritated as Kody Brown continued to insist God told him to buy the new house.

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