Sister Wives: The Home That Kody Brown And Robyn Brown Bought

Sister Wives: The Home That Kody Brown And Robyn Brown Bought

Sister Wives fans heard late last year that Robyn Brown moved into a really big house in Flagstaff. For a while people wondered if they bought it to rent out. After all, they knew from the end of last season, the family was buying property on Coyote Pass. Now it’s confirmed that they bought the house and it wasn’t Robyn Brown’s idea.

Sister Wives: The Home That Kody Brown And Robyn Brown Bought

TV Shows Ace reported that fans got a little confused about Roby Brown and Kody Brown spending almost a million dollars on such a big house. After all, their Coyote property needed development. Other women, like Meri and Janelle Brown, lived in rental properties. The Daily Mail shared about the new house in Arizona. They noted that it comes with a huge kitchen, a garage for four vehicles, four bathrooms and five bedrooms.

The critics of Sister Wives really thought that Kody bought the house with Robyn Brown to give in to her demands. But that may not be true. This week fans saw Robyn Brown and Kody Brown arguing over the house. We reported that their fight over all this got heated. And, finally, Aurora, Robyn’s daughter broke into a panic attack. Fans beat Kody down for discussing the house in front of the kids.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Felt Kody Brown Pushed Them İnto The Purchase

At the show, when Robyn Brown was told to leave the rent, they only had sixty days to find a new place. Kody Brown found it easier to buy a house than to mess around and try to find a new rent. We noticed that Robyn seemed angry when he announced his decision to the children. And,uh,it seemed like a one-sided decision. Robyn Brown said, “Well, we don’t have to do that, we’ve got a little time to keep looking for a rental.”

The Sister Wives star also said, “I think Kody Brown decided to tell the kids he wants to buy.” It seemed like Roby Brown thought it was premature. In her confessional, like the fans, she noted that buying a house was probably a setback for anyone who moved to the Coyote pass. Robyn Brown felt Kody’s decision was “affecting the whole family,” noted InTouch Weekly. Well, the fans grew irritated as Kody Brown continued to insist God told him to buy the new house.

Written by Emma Fisher

TV Writer.
Emma Fisher is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. I am so sick of sister wives. When are the ladies going to figure out that Kody is using them! He has no job, seems like he lives off of his wives. Also how did they afford almost a million dollar house? Did he use other wives money for Robin’s house?

    • I can’t even add that high. It doesn’t add up even if they all, including Kody, had 2 full time jobs and left one of the older children at home to take care of the younger children. They were having salary problems with TLC in the past and took a cut plus they are filming less series per season. I find it hard to believe they would fill a house if booked for a speaking engagement. They don’t have anything that isn’t mortgaged and I can’t see banks standing in line to give them another million. But I guess they did. They were juggling paying their property taxes before…I just don’t understand what is going on. They are a pack of gypsys and every one of them has filed bankruptcy. Hardly your best bet for a loan… especially a million on top of the million you are already in debt.

    • I would guess that he took money out of the money that was everyone’s . Why does Robyn deserve a better / more expensive house then the other women . He is not fair even in the relationships he has with all the women . I thought he use to spend equal time and nights with all of them but now it seems he only shares time with Robyn and maybe a little mercy time with Christine ! He needs to man up and remember he has vows with ALL of his wives

  2. Of course they bought it. They moved to Arizona for her sons school and when fans caught on they have been fake fighting to portray Robin in a different light. She is the only one Kody is legally married to and is his favorite by far. The other wives are window dressing. Without the show they couldn’t afford any of this.

  3. Their marriage is wrong in God’s eyes.they are all about material things..they will face Gods judgement.
    He is a user..their marriage’s so wrong on so many levels…you are to cling to one…NOT 3,4 OR HOW MANY WIVES YOU THINK YOU NEED.. THERE IS ONE GOD AND ONE BIBLE!!!!

  4. Kody is PIMP and i cant wait until those sister wives wake the hell up hes using them!!! He’s abusing them mentally and is sooo slick and maniputive with it!! Wow!! A True PIMP!!

  5. I do love my sister wives tho they just need to wake up a little meri is the only one that has a brain well …no she just woke up sooner than everyone elese

    Ladies stop chasing this man down take care of yourselves and your children!! Let him take care of him alone!!

  6. I started watching this show from season one even though I disagree with their life style! But they are getting way out of hand and acting crazy! There was nothing wrong with the Vegas homes but oh no kody had to move again!!! And now him and Robin bought almost a million dollar home, why there suppose to all build on this land!!! Robin gets on my nerves and her crying has got to go!! Meri gets pushed back alot! I would leave if I.was her!!! Kody thinks he’s so hot, not!! I’m done with the show!!!

  7. If this ridiculous bunch is supposed to give plural marriage a better reputation, it fails miserably. Esp. when the man involved is such a narcissistic idiot.

  8. How does this family qualify for any of the stuff they have? One sells clothes online and ones a parttime realtor, one sells jewelry??? Really, how do the banks qualify these people for all their big loans all the while still owning homes in LV? I have always been baffled by this. My husband and i both work fulltime every day and have no kids, much less 19, and only qualigued to buy a home for about 300k. I would love a show that explains this.

  9. I can’t stand Kody Brown. Does this man even have a real job. He always wants to rule all the ladies. He thinks he’s always right. Meri and Chritine got that man all figured out. Meri should leave and find her a better man. She deserves better than Kodi. He shows her no love or respect. Everyone can tell who he favors. Really all you ladies should dump him.

  10. Dissolve the partnership ?? What’s that suppose to mean divorce??? Meri needs to walk away and start a new life they all treat her like dirt especially Kody he doesn’t want a relationship with her!

  11. I wish they would all WAKE THE HECK UP and toss him to the curb, especially Meri!! Meri he doesn’t want you, dont you have any pride!!! You should go live in your family Inn. Kody acts like a little boy in a man’s body, he’s disgusting. I think the only one who is truly in love with him is Christine. These women are sad 🙄

  12. I can’t stand Kody Brown. He thinks he is such a stud and he’s not. He only likes Robyn, doesn’t work and treats Meri like a dog. Sorry to tell you, there are no marriages in heaven. Read the Holy Bible if you want truth. He is always making everyone move, because he knows he is breaking the law by having a harem of women. It would do you well Kody to remember Meri divorced you so you could adopt Robyn’s kids. That was a pretty selfless thing to do, so give her credit where credit is due , instead of cutting her down on national t.v. for the whole world to hear. It’s hard to receive God’s blessings when you aren’t living according to what scripture teaches about marriage; one husband and one one wife. Period.

  13. I have been binge watching the show to catch up and I have to ask, are you all a plural family anymore or not? By definition it seems as though each wife having their own house is in itself not plural marriage?? And what about the kids; they all seem to want to live together in one home? As a Christian women, wife and mom (though I do not agree with the scriptural side of plural family) I have to say if Kody is the husband and the spiritual leader and the father of these children there would come a point that Kody needs to just say, “this is what we are doing.” If the wives don’t like it then go. I hate to say it but it is not Kody that makes this family captive! There will NEVER be a time where 4 women are on the same page of music unless they love and cherish the family as a whole and that does not seem like it’s the case here. Sorry ladies I really like y’all but you make it impossible for anything to be in unity; my side is on Kody’s and I do not say that lightly.

  14. I think the whole family should start living like polygamists. The one house with 4 “apartments”. Christine is a spoiled brat and the one who’s really against the 1 house idea.

  15. HAHA love the pimp comment. Yes..robyn and cody are acting to make the other 3 stooges think they are fighting to get away with buying that house. So sad the daughter got sick over their fake acting (unless she is acting too) to seal the deal!! Remember no one profits but Robyn and her family from the move to buying a million$ house. The act was so that the 3 stooges don’t get pissed at Robyn..Cody don’t care!

  16. Finally someone is saying what I’ve been thinking for so long. Kody Brown is an egotistical, selfish, bullying little boy. He throws tantrums and pouts everytime he doesn’t get his way. These women seem smarter than they are acting. Why would anyone put up with this narcissist and his behavior?

  17. I’m sick of Robyn’s A$$!!!! She is a brat!!! Kody has her so spoiled!!!! She wants everything bigger and better then the other wives!!! (I have to have a five bedroom house!!!( In her whiny stinky voice!!!!) Get over yourself Robyn!!! Stop trying to out due ur sister wives!!!! You should be grateful that merri allowed you to marry kody!!!! Your other sister wives might be naive, but I know u didn’t have to marry him just so he can adopt your children!!! Their Biological father gave up his rights! So there was no need for merri to divorce Kody!!!! JANELLE AND CHRISTINE BE AWARE SHE IS COMING FOR Y’ALL ALSO!!! Just like she got Merri out!!! ONE DOWN TWO TO GO!!!

  18. Kody is being an absolute bully… I am so sick of him trying to throw his authority around and telling everyone that his is the only way to go.he is the one that keeps buying all these houses and keeps building all these new ones everywhere he moves them so it’s no wonder they are broke.he needs to take a little bit of that money and go get a decent haircut!!!

  19. I watch this show to see which wife will finally get fed up up with the husband’s behavior. My favorite is Janelle. She seems to be the smartest and most practical although she also seems to buy into polygamy. My least favorite wife is Meri. She’s the most insecure. It bothered me that she had to have a house in Vegas as big as the others. She has 1 kid! I can’t feel sorry for them when they complain about money. They’re always having parties, etc… for everything. Wish we had the money to do that. They all say how wonderful their lifestyle can be. Yet thru the years, the wives have struggled with BIG weight issues, BIG insecurity problems like the catfishing, etc.. . And God forbid, what if one of the wives wanted to bring in a 2nd husband. I still remember when 1 of the wives said this to Cody and he said that idea made him feel nauseated. Cody, that’s how we all feel now!

  20. I LOVE this show! I am so confused when someone posts negative comments about it. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it! Sheesh! Why spend your energy watching a show and then commenting on it, if you don’t like it??!! ❤️❤️❤️✨❤️❤️❤️Sister Wives!

  21. I agree I love Meri,they treat her so bad she has done so much for Robin something women don’t do. Christian is one of those women that it’s a just walk on anyone to keep Cody. She buys everything, does what ever to keep him under her.

  22. They get sucker’s like us to watch this show and they get a quarter to a half a million per episode! That’s how they can afford a million-dollar home! They can afford to build their homes on coyote pass with no problem they just want to extend their episodes for us crazy people to watch him! I’m done with watching sister wives the only reason why I watch it is because of Mary and I really think Kody has treated her badly and wrong! Mary do me a favor leave Kody you’re beautiful and you can live on your own are find a nice man to live with!

  23. I have to agree with Keke the man is an idiot living off of his wives, he needs to get a job and stop getting married and having kids.

  24. The sister wives and Lody get paid plenty from the show
    They were each getting a lot per episode
    Now they get one amount as a whole because they were gonna get cancelled and Lody begged to keep them on the air.
    He probably agreed to mix it up good so the people will tune in agaim. Quite frankly it is an interesting show bit has a lot of the same ole mundane boring stuff
    The show has jumped the shark. Cancel it

  25. I would like to know why Kody didn’t wait until the Las Vegas houses were sold before moving everyone to Az??
    But NO, they had to move to Az. Spending more money on tent and buying even before the Vegas home were even on the market & took forever for any of them to sale. That was not a wise decision. I am getting very upset with him. 🤬

    • because they’re done for. hes married to robyn. janelle takes care of the finances. christine is like his mistress and Meri is out. they’re a mess and done in my opinion.

  26. Please either take Sister Wives off, or this family needs to get back to the real reason you all put them on here any way. Where is their unity for crying out loud, no wonder none of their kids want to be polygamist….geez!!

  27. I would like to know why Kody didn’t wait until the Las Vegas houses were sold before moving everyone to Az??
    But NO, they had to move to Flagstaff spending more money on rent and buying even before the Vegas home were even on the market & took forever for any of them to sale. That was not a wise decision. I am getting very upset with him. 🤬

  28. You guys are gonna be so sorry that you bought the property at coyote pass. Believe me most of the people in that area are so bigoted and behindvthe times. I think they have felt alittle of that when one reneged on the lease. Just wait and see.

  29. I can see why Robyn would be upset about buying a house especially when all the other wives rent one. She sure didn’t get much say In it! But Kody is right about one thing, they can always rent it out or sell it when they are done. Robyn shouldn’t worry about it too much.

  30. Kody is A narcissistic misogynistic POS! He makes me ill the way he treats Mary is despicable he’s just so egotistical it’s nauseating!

  31. I think Cody is an add. I can’t believe these ladies take his crap. Who wants to share him? These smart intelligent woman can live on there own and still be a family with each other without him. And no wonder Mary is distant and angry because how dare Cody ask his first true wife to get a divorce. He didn’t have to adopt Robyns kids and still been a step parent. Mary needs to leave and be happy. Cody thinks he is God’s gift to these woman. They need to know there worthy and can survive on there own.

  32. Except the house property actually joins the property they own so since she didn’t get her own way bc like Kody said someone else wanted the spot that was to be Meri’s spot. So she got exactly what she wanted on large home on the edge of coyote pass so should e could sit high & mighty out of the eyes of the rest

    • Diane, I would like to know the same thing too. Why are they staying with him? If he favors Robyn then the other wives should let him a Robyn be and go live their own lives. I bet Kody life insurance policy or will if he has any will leave everything to Robyn and her kids. Also, even though the other wives help contribute financially any property they buy with Kody’s name on it will legally go to Robyn if something ever happens to Kody. Because in the eyes of the law she is his only legal wife. The other wives should take out life insurance on Kody, put themselves & children as sole beneficiaries and pay the premiums. Any property they buy it should be only in their name and one of their biological adult kid name. I wonder if they are thinking about these what if things that can happen and where it would leave them.

  33. Kody is a control freak. Buying that home was unnecessary. The down PMT could have been used to start building the first home. Renting a smaller home “although a little inconvenient” should have been the compromise made on Robyn’s behalf. The first build could have been for Robyn because of the situation they are in. Come on ladies open your eyes and do what’s right for your family.

  34. Clearly Kody’s presentation about his single home couldn’t have been worse as he constantly referred to it as “my house” rather than “our house.” He really should write a book about the secrets to living like a millionaire and having no job. Why these women stay with this clown is beyond me.

  35. They come into the marriage and they want to live separate lives now !! This weird! I thought plural marriage is what they wanted they wanted one large family and all the mothers to help take care of all the kids but now they live in separate lives and they don’t want the big house only Jenelle likes it I think the big house was the right idea for all the kids to live under one roof and all the wives have separate quarters I thought it was their belief they don’t seem like they pray very much or put God first in their decisions

  36. He is so fake and not really attractive. They all can do better. Meri Girl live in your own house. You deserve so much more. You don’t have to share your money. You are free. Girl leave. Mess up his world

  37. I love this show, I do not agree with them but it is entertaining. Clearly Meri is getting the short end of the stick (so to speak) It is obvious that they just need her share of the money. I am waiting for her to leave, I think I am watching to see the day when she leave and get on with her life (that would be a great show.

  38. If kody dont make up with meri soon I will no longer watch this show. I have seen everyone of these shows and always couldn’t wait to see the show. But since kody started pushing meri away I have become frustrated. If you are trying to get a point across about your beliefs then forgiveness is what god would do.You kody need to think about how the viewers are hating you for doing this.

  39. Shes such a liar and bad actor..did the sister wives even buy this bs facade? please Robyn…they acted that all out for the “others” guaranteed!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Idea of Plural marriage to Kody seems like he’s in it to have has cake and eat it too. Every wife should have exactly the same. No wife should have more or less. They also should not have to provide for the family. If he can not provide for all of his wives and children he should have them.

  41. Robyn and Cody used an excuse to move. … they wanted to justify moving the ENTIRE family for Cody’s step-son to go to college . Really if he has special needs and can’t go away to college then they should have had him go to a community college . Every other kids life was turned upside down . Just like the wives because of special treatment for Robyn !

  42. Cody is so very much about Cody .. But the women are also acting spoiled. They loved their wonderful independent lives in Vegas but maybe Cody is going have to step up and take control of his family .Again.. Isn’t that what they signed up for..Plural marriage.. half the kids are gone… And you can tell that the rest of the kids want to be raised together.

  43. Robyn is so fake! Kody and Robyn are acting like they’re fighting over whether to buy or rent but why would a woman not want to buy a home with her husband? She makes herself seem like a martyr. Kody favors Robyn and wants to own a big house with her. I feel bad for the other wives because they’re so blinded by Robyn and Kody’s betrayal.

  44. Lest we not forget in Season 1 Kody drives a two seater convertibles as any dad with 27 kids would. Can you say complete narcissist? Puke.

  45. They could only afford the house because people like us watch the show. Religion has seemed to go out of the window and it’s all about Cody Cody Cody Cody.if you watch the first few episodes of the series it’s nothing like today’s shows. Today’s shows are all about Cody and what they’re doing to spend money.I have a good job too but I can’t afford all the trips they take and a house like they live in. And use the show to boost sales of their own private enterprises. I’m going to quit watching, I’m getting tired of the same old same old. The network needs to wise up and that give them another contract.

  46. For those of you complaining they sold all 4 houses in Vegas and made good money off of them all.And Robin needs to grow up its time to quit whining about renting or you would end up on the street with 5 kids.There was nothing to rent they had to buy and shes the one that needed 5 bedrooms not Kody.He seemed more worried about the kids than she did

  47. I agree with everyone comments above. I am sick of this show and Kody. I don’t watched it anymore because the show is how they’re making money and the wives working. I don’t care if you have 50 kids and 10 wives but work (Kody) to support them. He is a lazy bum.

  48. You all are right so if it’s hard to find a rental don’t he think it be hard to rent out the house he just brought is TLC paying them that much now help me understand it honestly cause they still pay mortgages for they other houses they just had to leave the other wife brought her house also and now this wife brought so the other two rent I missed something how is he paying for all this then property taxes on the land they brought something isn’t adding up here not at all that’s 7 mortgages how is he paying for all of this honestly how

  49. It seems like the show is made up . There is no reality in this show. In this day and age the women need to wake up !! Life isn’t a dress rehearsal…. no second chances and you all are role models for your children.

  50. It seems to me Kody’s wives are only important when they’re young enough to have children. Once the ladies age out of ovulation they’re no longer a concern to him. Kody has a type .. YOUNG ladies.

  51. Meri is by far my favorite. And Robyn is my least favorite. And I don’t care what the reasons, how do you think meri felt when kody divorced her to legally marry Robyn? That had to be devastating and embarrassing and she still has to be part of this family? Meri can do so much better. I don’t blame her one bit for distancing herself from this family. I used to like kody but he has gotten so full of himself it’s hard to watch him lol

  52. Robyn only thinks of her self and her kids! A lot of times she forgets about the kids. Look what they did to that poor girl, arguing about their housing situation in front of the kids and trying to get them to weigh in and take sides. Why the hell would they buy a 5 bedroom? How long do they plan on living there? A 5 bedroom house will be more difficult to rent out later. They can stand to be a little uncomfortable for a year or so. I bet that’s why they couldn’t find a house to rent. Their expectations were too high. I’m not even going to get started on Kody or Meri

  53. I think they should of waited for there houses to sell in Vegas first. Look at all the money that is going out to pay on the houses in Vegas. I would not want to buy a Millon dollar house in Flagstaff. That would be to much money to pay back a mth. I only hope Cody gets his house built, but that housewife Christine can stay in her own house than she does not want to live together any more.

  54. Kody do you really love all the women because when you watch this show all I can see that you have a favorite .I not only see that but I also see your other children suffering from the lack of a Father and the love they need.My heart breaks for Meri the hate shows in Kodys face everytime he looks at her WHY ? You have 4 wives and proably want more she was lonely and you were not there for her and I am sure you are still looking for a next one, only you are allowed to have 4 women but not the other way around.The Sister Wives need equal love from you not a night here and there.Wake up ladies you are being abused in so many ways and Kody show all your kids love, you are never there for them and about riding a bike you where so wrong on your approach shame on you.Be a Dad

  55. Seriously, Robyn is SO materialistic it makes me sick!!! She wouldn’t settle for anything smaller then a five bedroom house for her four children? Especially when it would be a temporary home for 2 years or less??? If Robyn was SO worried about not buying a house because it would prolong them building on their property, why didn’t she just rent a 3 bedroom house or apartment and save some money??? It is ludicrous and sickening that she spent that insane amount of money for a mini mansion… And why does Meri need these HUGE houses when it’s only her? Lol… Seriously, Janelle is the only sane one in the bunch!

  56. I agree, it’s obvious that Robyn and Kody are fake fighting. If she was so against buying, she would have settled for a smaller rental house. She is pretending for her tv audience and the other wives. I call BS.

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