Sister Wives: Kody Brown And Robyn Brown Continued To Argue On This Week’s Sister Wives Episode

Sister Wives: Kody Brown And Robyn Brown Continued To Argue On This Week's Sister Wives Episode

Robyn Brown is arguing with her husband Kody Brown “every single day” about whether they should rent or buy a house after he threatened to divorce her for the fight.

On the occasion of this week’s Sister Wives, Robyn Brown traveled to Chicago with other wives to visit Meri Brown’s daughter, Mariah Brown, and her fiancée, Audrey.

But Robyn Brown couldn’t take her mind off her argument with Kody Brown while she was on vacation because she wants to rent a house to avoid delaying the construction of their land while he wants to buy.

While on vacation with Meri, Janelle and Christine Brown said, “I still hope for a miracle and rent. Kody Brown keeps showing me places to buy. He’s pushing for a purchase.

If we buy a house, then he will delay everything we had planned for the property.” It wasn’t fun.”

Robyn Brown added that she wants to “scream” every time she thinks about the situation.She continued, “This is something we fight about every day. I just want to go back to Vegas, to my house.”

Kody Brown basically told me she takes the kids to see the houses.” I hope they hate them. I don’t need any more pressure to buy a house.”

Christine Brown commented in her confessional, “Kody Brown and Robyn Brown aren’t doing great,” while Janelle said, “Must be a big problem. Robyn Brown would never talk about it.”

Kody Brown, who stayed in Arizona to watch their children, said in his confessional that “the time has come” to buy a house.

He said, “If I was a stinker I’d make an offer for a house while she’s out of town, but it would be a dirty little thing. I need you to work with me on this. What the hell? I’d stay in Vegas.”

At the end of the trip, Robyn Brown apologized to her sisters’ wives for being a “party pooper.”

She explained after the axe toss, “I wanted to throw that ax in places I shouldn’t have. I feel so insecure right now with the house. Having so many discussions with Kody Brown about whether or not to buy.”

He then explained the advantage of spending time with his sisters’ wives away from Kody Brown. Robyn Brown said, “Sometimes Kody Brown is the fly in the ointment. “Sometimes his presence could create problems with us that wouldn’t exist.

We focus on our relationships as sister wives and women.” Our relationship is not about Kody. It should be about us. In last week’s episode, Robyn Brown and Kody Brown, who have five children, learned that the landlord sold their rent, giving them only 60 days to find a new home.

Kody Brown’s four wives currently live miles apart from each other waiting to build on land they bought in June 2018 for $820,000. He said in the program, “We’re not finding rent, I’m sorry. We’re going to bid on a house, we’re going to buy a house.”

Robyn Brown said, “Well, we don’t have to do that, we have some time to keep looking for a house for rent. “God is not limited by the rules of this land, and if he wants to provide the rent when he provides it, that’s fine.”

Kody Brown said, “I’m not saying he can’t do it. I’m saying he’s telling us to do something else.” Then he said in his confessional, “I’m near the point where I’m going to break up the company and go buy a house without her.”

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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  1. I have been a “Sister Wives,” fan from day 1, I pass no judgement on anyone’s belief or lifestyle, and will admit that I can see advantage’s and having come from a very extended family myself, I believe that it would be fun. Except for Kody, he has gotten steadily worse. It has been apparent to me that he has only loved 2 of His beautiful wives; Meri and Robyn. Meri, his 1st love, they got married for all of the reasons that all of us over the age of 45-50 age group did. They were alone together for a couple of years, and if you pay attention, Meri has picked out all 3 of her Sister wives. I sincerely believe that Meri’s source of angst and heartache has been 100% her fertility issues. Had Meri been able to have 5 – 6 children like Janelle, Christine and Robyn, there would not have been near the “problems,” early on. Kody has only had deep feelings for Meri and Robyn. He would not have such deep seated angry feelings if he had not had equally deep love for her. Robyn, she has been his 1st and only “truly adult,” head over heels in love relationship. That is why now that all of the “procreation” era of their lives is over, there is no reason for him to have “overnight – physical” relationships with anyone but Robyn because in his heart that is a betrayal to “His Love.” All this other noise is a detractor because he does not wish to have to actually have to say these words. Also he has “lived off of His WIVES” his entire adult life and knows no other means of survival so he is desperate to keep everyone together, and committed to the single house or to him ….Kody having HIS OWN house PAID for just in case all four of his wives figure all of this out and TLC stops picking their show option up and they lose their cash cow. The ONLY person Kody cares about is Kody. He may very well pick up a 5th wife, a VERY young one at that. Hopefully he realizes that he would in all likelihood lose more than he could EVER imagine. I love the show, well actually…I LOVE YOU LADIES!! ESPECIALLY MERI AND ROBYN!! I do embrace Janelle and Christine, the weight lose, getting healthy…AWESOME🙌 Go with God! 🙏

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