Sister Wives: Kody Brown Told Robyn Brown’s Kids Which Of His Wives Didn’t Want To Live İn One Home

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Told Robyn Brown’s Kids Which Of His Wives Didn’t Want To Live İn One Home

Although the Brown polygamous family lived under one roof in their previous home states of Utah and Wyoming, their move to Las Vegas after the first broadcast of Sister Wives changed everything. The Browns bought four neighboring houses in a Nevada cul-de-sac, and the rest is history.

But when Kody Brown moved his big family to Arizona in 2018, he wanted to explore new options. His dream, he told his wives during the new season of Sister Wives, was to have his whole family back in one house. While his second wife Janelle Brown was on board, his third wife Christine Brown was firmly opposed to the idea. The family couldn’t come to an agreement, and Kody eventually had to give it up.

In the most recent episode, Kody caused controversy among some fans of Sister Wives by telling Robyn’s five children that Christine was the sister wife who was not interested in living together.

“I talked to the moms about it, and some of them didn’t like it at all,” the polygamous patriarch told Robyn’s second oldest daughter, 15-year-old Breanna Brown. “Well, especially Christine didn’t want to do it,” he added.

The producers of Sister Wives interviewed some of Brown’s children to ask them what they think about moving in together. Breanna was surprised to hear that Christine didn’t want to move into the family. “I honestly think it could be fun,” she said of the idea.

Breanna’s 17-year-old sister Aurora Brown also seemed to support the idea. “I couldn’t wait to move to Coyote Pass… but now I see it’s not really an option,” she told her parents.

Meanwhile, Gabriel Brown, Janelle and Kody Brown’s 19-year-old son Gabriel Brown also thought living together as one family “could be a good thing. But he didn’t think his parents would agree. “I don’t think the moms will go for it,” said Gabriel, adding that “they want their own space.”

Truely Brown, Christine and Kody’s youngest daughter at only nine, was a little more direct in her message to her parents. “I think moms are crazy,” she told the producers, “because I want to live in one big house so we don’t have to separate. Mom, I think you’re loco in coconut.”

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. No one in this so called family seems to like each other. It’s really hard to watch. I actually stopped this season. Kody is a dictator and the ladies are at his beckoning call. Ladies get a life. Leave this jerk. You will be better off.

  2. I like this show but Kody is driving his family apart with this living in one home your kids has nothing to do with deciding this the wife has a right to live in the own homes its u who are only thinking about money not having your family together as polygamy religion says it’s all about that mighty dollar for u like u said u will build a cabin for u to run to but the wife’s can’t run if it dies happen as a wife u wouldn’t get a chance to run when u wanted to get away u would stay there and settle what ever the problem is u don’t get a break when u choose you chose this life so suck it up boy if your wife’s have to live with each other then u should deal with it as a man of the house

  3. Yeah what does he do I have never heard about his job I have read about all the bankruptcy they have files since they all have married it’s all about money for him after all theses house sold so hes thinking about he can profit

  4. I wouldn’t be around him one minute. I cant imagine those wives putting up with him. All of them are nuts. I quit watching, his abusive handling of the bicycle incident showed me what a controller he really is.

  5. I think the women are all resourceful and talented.. I don’t think Kody would be shit w/o the gals. I hope the ladies gather strength and leave his sorry ass!!!

  6. How dare he!? You do not involve children in talking down your spouse, or in this case, spouses. I think these ladies are far more developed than he.

    C’mon, Sister Wives. Stand united and unify your families.

  7. I pray this show goes OFF. SO DEMEANING TO WOMEN. If this is real in 2020. This show turns me ill against men and women. If ttue he may be found buried in back yard, when they decide on one. Sad and hope not true. Please replace thid show. Set these women free. Then a show where they move on after throwing his ass out
    They apoligize to kids for having this father and ask for forgiveness!

  8. Oh my God I get so sick of him trying to get in every picture that’s taken every family event he’s got to be right in front he is such a douche bag and someone needs to take his scissors to that nasty ass hair it’s a shame that all these women are so insecure about themselves that they would tolerate and stay with such a moron in the Conmed he should get a job or at least shows that he has a job I am not against Most religious believes but I don’t think God wants you been down with four different women that are actually have an illegitimate children even though everyone of their children are beautiful human beings I hope Robin continues to stick up for her sister wives and especially for children and tell his stupid ass to hit the road can’t she see what he is doing to her daughter with all his bullshit always such a puke I just Love watching all the wives and children so I will not stop watching I will just stick my finger down my throat when that puke comes on😝

  9. The only reason I watch this show is because I wait with baited breath for one of these women to tell this arrogant ass off..
    C’mon, WTH is so great about him cause I sure don’t see it.
    POLYGAMISTS I don’t see anything good about it, I mean really..”Oh honey is it my turn tonight”
    Get real ladies having a husband where you can do things together & have him hold & kiss you or even fight with you..This guy isnt worth it ! Go out have fun.. dump his worthless ugly ass..You will love your life if you do this..Go date, dance, have partys, you have one life live it up.. You’ll wish you would have done it sooner !!🙂

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