Sister Wives: Christine Suddenly A Cheerleader For Kody?

Sister Wives: Christine Suddenly A Cheerleader For Kody?

First of all, when Kody moved his family to Flagstaff, Janelle and her sister wives rented a house. This is everything but Christine Brown. She had pets and she couldn’t find a rent that would accept her pets. So, the story goes that she bought a house.

Right now, in real time, it’s hard for fans to keep up with where every adult on Sister Wives lives today. What fans know is that Robyn Brown has moved to Flagstaff and rented a house. That rent looked luxurious and great, but the landlord sold it from under her and had to move back in.

That’s what fans see on Sister Wives today, Robyn wants another rent, but Kody wants her to buy a house. Fans learned long ago, in real time, that Robyn bought a house. So, Kody won.

Then Meri Brown, who was kicked out of her first apartment in Flagstaff by her neighbors, moved into a luxurious second home for rent in Flagstaff. But what the fans didn’t know until last week’s episode is that she has to move again. That makes move number three for Sister Wives’ first wife. He beat the other wives.

Meri Brown’s rental house sold and she needs a new dwelling in Flagstaff. Since she only had a short time to move, she must have a place by now. But fans don’t know where Meri Brown is living today in real-time. Up until the last episode, viewers believed she still lived in her elevator home.

So far fans know that Christine Brown owns her own home. Same goes for Robyn Brown. Now viewers learn how Meri needed to move. But people don’t know if she’s in a rented apartment or a house she owns.

Sister Wives lovers don’t even know if she’s in the same condition. The original Sister Wives matriarch said sarcastically that she might live in her bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. That’s in Parowan, Utah.

On the latest online preview clips, Christine Brown contradicts Robyn Brown’s concerns that buying a house would not be good for the family as a whole. Christine Brown said it would work for the family anyway. Is Christine Brown hinting at something? How can it be good for the family anyway?

Maybe Christine Brown offers a clue as to what the common husband has in mind. It would be good for the family if Kody Brown suddenly found himself rewarded. Is this the direction Christine Brown is being taken? Are they going in a different direction when it comes to their land?

But behind the scenes there’s more to it than that. Kody Brown’s thinking about breaking up a relationship. Some fans think he’s talking about his marriage to Robyn Brown.

But it seems more like his 18-year-old father is planning to end their relationship. He said he might dissolve the partnership and go buy a house without her consent. Maybe that’s what he did?

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