Sister Wives: Kody Owes Taxes On The Arizona Home He Shares With Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: Kody Owes Taxes On The Arizona Home He Shares With Robyn Brown

Sister Wives stars Kody and Robyn owe back taxes on their home and property in Flagstaff, Arizona. The tax debt of Kody Brown and his fourth wife, Robyn, has grown since we first reported their delinquency.

Kody Brown and Robyn Brown owed $1,058.31 in taxes on their $890,000 Flagstaff home over the summer. Now, that amount has increased and they owe even more money, according to The Sun, which reported the findings.

Sister Wives: Kody Owes Taxes On The Arizona Home He Shares With Robyn Brown

According to Arizona courts, the polygamous couple owes $2,056.89 in back taxes, which includes interest on two acres of land adjacent to their home. In addition, Kody Brown and Robyn Brown have until Dec. 31 to pay another $5,283.76 on their home, which boasts five bedrooms and four bathrooms.

Recently, Kody raised prices on his Cameo – could it have been in an effort to raise enough money to pay off his and Robyn’s tax debt? Robyn Brown has been seen as a villain by many Sister Wives fans who think her ultimate goal since joining the family was to become Kody’s only wife.

Last season on Sister Wives, viewers saw Kody and his four wives struggle to maintain their polygamous lifestyles as they live as four separate families. Since moving to Flagstaff from Las Vegas, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn live 10-15 minutes apart and have yet to start working in Coyote Pass.

Some Sister Wives fans have also speculated that Janelle may have followed Christine Brown to Utah and is living on the other side of her duplex. With winter around the corner, Janelle is moving out of her RV in Coyote Pass but has not yet specified where. Meri has stayed busy with her LuLaRoe business and running her bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, in Parowan, Utah, where she spends much of her time.

Robyn Brown has been flying under the radar since season 15 of Sister Wives ended, sparking rumors that she and Kody are expecting another baby and living as a monogamous couple, minus the rest of the wives and kids. With season 16 just around the corner, Sister Wives still has a lot of unanswered questions about the state of the Browns as a family and the wives’ individual marriages to Kody.

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