Sister Wives: Christine Brown Leaving Kody Brown?

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Leaving Kody Brown?

Kody Brown and his Sister Wives are already settled in Arizona. However, The Sun obtained documents revealing that he owes taxes on the home and land he owns with Robyn Brown. According to Arizona courts, the Sister Wives couple has delinquent taxes of $2,056.89, including interest on two acres of land next to their $890,000 home.

Separately, Kody and Robyn Brown owe $5,283.76 on their five-bedroom, four-bathroom home. They have until Dec. 31 to pay off the amount.

The report came after his third wife Christine Brown decided to sell her home in Arizona and move back to Utah. He is currently renting in a $1.1 million duplex home in Murray, Utah.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Leaving Kody Brown?

Multiple sources have stated that Christine Brown has decided to leave Kody and move back to Utah. In the trailer, she did not hide her frustrations about her marriage to Kody.

Kody’s marriage to Robyn Brown is the only union considered legally binding. He also spends most of his time with Robyn making the other sister wives feel that she is his favorite.

The new trailer explored Robyn as a “head wife,” and Kody insisted that she was not. Robyn also asked her Sister Wives to stop being “suspicious” of her. Meanwhile, Christine Brown had already expressed her disappointment with their move to Utah.

She also expressed her dissatisfaction with her marriage to Kody because she felt that he already had a happy family with Robyn Brown. “Why would I want to live on the property with a dysfunctional marriage where right over there he’s got a full-functioning marriage. Who would ever want to live like that?” she said.

Although several sources reported that Christine Brown was already back in Utah, some fans were not convinced. According to them, it is impossible for any Sister Wives to leave Kody because they have already signed their lives on it. They speculated that it was just for promotion because the family would soon be back for another season.

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