Sister Wives: Impractical Solution No Problem For Kody Brown’s Second Wife

Sister Wives: Impractical Solution No Problem For Kody Brown’s Second Wife

Sister Wives Janelle Brown lived with her two sons, Garrison and Gabe, and her daughter Savanah in her Flagstaff rental. Unlike Christine and Robyn Brown, she doesn’t own a house in town, so when fans heard her rental was for sale, they worried for her. Well, the home found a buyer in a matter of days, so the accommodations came quickly. The Sister Wives fans made an offer that seemed impractical.

TLC fans heard that the Coyote Pass property wasn’t ready yet. In fact, it appears that no development has taken place there yet. So the search for other accommodations became something of an urgency.

Fortunately, in the meantime, fans heard that Robert Garrison Brown had finished work on the caravan he was renovating. He shared some photos that showed he started moving in and parked it by the river. So that means one less person living in Janelle Brown’s home.

It’s not clear if Gabe still lives with his mother, but Sister Wives fans know that Janelle Brown still has her youngest daughter living with her. When fans heard she needed to find a new home, one fan suggested she could get a camper and live on the Coyote Pass property.

However, other TLC fans pointed out that this seemed rather impractical. After all, utilities such as water, sewer and electricity would have to be provided.

Sister Wives: Impractical Solution No Problem For Kody Brown’s Second Wife

News came that living in a camper van on Coyote Pass was just what Janelle had chosen. The homes may not be built out yet, but the water and other utilities are. In fact, she describes it on Facebook as an adventure.

She shared a photo of a nice big Milestone camper van and said she “acted boldly and seized and adventure”. He then explained that renting in Flagstaff is in high demand and property prices seem “crazy”.

Instead of messing around with renting, he chose to live in the RV and described it as his “new summer adventure”. In fact, he thinks it can be “fun” even if “with all the unknown variables” comes a bit of “anxiety”.

In fact, the ever-practical Janelle Brown feels that since the property still needs a lot of work, she “figured why not be onsite”. TLC fans may wonder if Kody is that excited. After all, from time to time he probably still pops in and stays the night.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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