Sister Wives: Robyn Still Has Hope

Sister Wives: Robyn Still Has Hope

Sister Wives spoilers and updates hint that none of the 18 children in the Brown family are interested in polygamy. The show has been running for 10 years. Kody Brown and his four wives, Meri, Christine , Janelle and Robyn Brown, have been promoting the polygamous lifestyle to viewers. However, none of their children seem interested in following in their parents’ footsteps.

Kody Brown’s wives talked about their children and explained why they are not interested in a polygamous lifestyle in an interview with Entertainment Weekly earlier this year.

Meri Brown, who has just one child, Mariah Brown, said she was not surprised that her 26-year-old daughter did not want to be polyamorous. She said it proves they are not forcing their family into anything. Janelle Brown’s 25-year-old daughter echoed a similar sentiment. She loves the way she grew up, but she too is not interested in plural marriages. Janelle Brown sees a similar pattern with the rest of her children.

Sister Wives: Robyn Still Has Hope

Although Robyn Brown has revealed that her children are not currently involved in a polygamous lifestyle, she does not consider it either. She still thinks there is a possibility that they could find themselves in a multiple marriage, as it is something they cannot decide right now.

Kody Brown says their children are not against polygamy because it doesn’t interfere with their love life. She also claimed that she does not want her children to be in plural marriages. She has been defending polygamy for years, but in the past she claimed that she no longer felt she could stand up for the principle.

She felt that the practice had created a sense of injustice in their relationship. But some fans don’t believe a word of it.Although it is possible that the children of the Brown family do not consider plural marriage because their parents do not aggressively pursue the idea. However, fans believe that the children have seen the dysfunction that their family dynamics have brought about.

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