Sister Wives: Prepared Janelle Brown Doesn’t Need Headline Warning

Sister Wives: Prepared Janelle Brown Doesn’t Need Headline Warning

Veteran Sister Wives viewers know only too well how the Brown family operates when it comes to supplies. But not just because they have one big family. No, it’s also something Janelle learned early on as a child, growing up in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS).

It seems that Janelle Brown’s education has a lot to do with what she has available at all times. It’s a lot of food. And yes, these provisions also include a lot of toilet paper. That’s good, considering that toilet paper is flying off shelves all over America right now.

Janelle Brown of the Sister Wives family gives credence to the teachings of The Church of Latter-day Saints for her habit of keeping a supply of food and basic necessities on hand at all times. Janelle Brown said the church teaches families to keep enough food and supplies to help them through difficult times. The Book of Mormon directs its followers, “Get organized; prepare everything you need.

Sister Wives: Keeping Well Stocked

Janelle Brown said she learned from their church that in case of disaster, natural or man-made, they should be ready. With a family of Sister Wives of their size, it’s a lot of essential things to prepare. But at any given moment, Kody Brown’s family is ready, according to Janelle Brown. And they always are.

Besides, anyone who’s followed the Sister Wives series from the beginning knows that this family is well prepared. In Utah and then back in Vegas, they kept a family pantry, which has pretty much everything they need. And they had to move everything to Flagstaff, as shown on TLC.

All for One and One for All

Veterans fans have probably seen the Brown family in their shopping mode. Sometimes they go with the whole family just because there are so many carts to push. But what’s even more impressive is the family escort itself. In the first picture above, Christine Brown shows fans of the “Sister Wives” their warehouse. That was long before they got to Arizona.

But as Janelle Brown confirmed recently, they have their stockpiles in Flagstaff, too, and they’re ready. The video above shows how they’re preparing for what could happen. Janelle made it clear they’re not going without TP to begin with. And there’s plenty of food if something happens.

The sister wives are all ready, just in case. The four wives not only work together to keep their pantry oversized, but they can take everything they need from the shared pantry. So when Janelle Brown took a look at the news that suggested stocking up on food, all she could do was smile. That’s because her preparation began decades ago.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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