The View: What did Meghan McCain say? What did Elisabeth Hasselbeck say?

The View: What did Meghan McCain say? What did Elisabeth Hasselbeck say?

Meghan McCain is one of the most controversial co-hosts The View has ever had. The conservative expert has trained with her colleagues over the years for their opposing views on politics. Last week Elisabeth Hasselbeck, a Republican party companion, joined the panel and made Meghan McCain seem moderate, which pleased the fans. However, she made a comment that now McCain has resurfaced and called her into question.

What did McCain say?

The ladies of The View were talking about how Donald Trump changed his tone in the way he’s handling the coronavirus pandemic. Guest co-host Sara Haines said she finds more comfort in doctors and scientists than politicians.

One of the problems that emerged was that many people didn’t take her seriously because Fox News was following Trump’s pace, which initially called her a hoax.

“I’ve worked in conservative media all my life,” Meghan McCain said. “There are a lot of people who listen to Fox News on this alone. I’ve seen the tone in this country begin to change – again, we’ve been going on a rampage for a long time – the tone began to change when Fox started changing. This is a problem for me that affects older people, where we have more difficulty convincing people to take it more seriously.

After watching a viral video showing Fox News hosts shifting their coverage to coronavirus following Trump’s lead, Meghan McCain praised Tucker Carlson. she said she was the one who changed Trump’s stance in taking the pandemic seriously.

Meghan McCain said she felt she was “the only conservative in the world left in the mainstream media.” Sometimes she feels “tribal” and he feels everything is an “attack” on the president or Republicans.

“By the way, we made it happen on this show, not with me,” Meghan McCain continued. “We made it happen on this program, not to forget it, some Republican who said wash your hands and pray. It didn’t just happen on Fox News, it happened right here on The View.”

What did Hasselbeck say?

Last week Elisabeth Hasselbeck made an appearance on The View as a guest co-host. The topic on the table was the coronavirus pandemic and praised Trump for how he was handling the issue.

“There can be a fine line between what is taking precautions and what is panic,” he said. “Yeah, we’ll take precautions, we’ll go to Purell, we’ll pray that God keeps us in our tomorrow, right? We pray that this coronavirus goes away, that it’s stopped.”

“I think we should prepare ourselves. “I think we should pray. I won’t let the coronavirus dominate me,” he added.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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