The View: What happened between McCain and Behar?

The View: What happened between McCain and Behar?

When the ladies discuss politics is when the “Hot Topics” table sizzles. After Meghan McCain brought up the subject of Michael Bloomberg’s rise to the Democratic Party nomination, all hell broke loose.

“I think that the idea that [Bloomberg] is going well… You have to conquer the mid-west and the coal miners and the people who are not attractive to the Democratic coalition and Trump has blocked and loaded it,” Meghan McCain said. “And I’m sorry, a guy who wants to take away your Slurpee, he’s gonna have a real problem in the coal cities!”

“And you know what? A guy who wants to take your Slurpee away from you is even worse off! Joy Behar returned fire.

Meghan McCain hit Behar and reminded her that she was wrong about the outcome of the 2016 election.

“You know what, Joy? I was right about the election, and you were wrong,” Meghan McCain said. When Joy Behar asked her why she was wrong, she said, “You thought Trump would lose in 2016 and I didn’t.”

The View: Fans want McCain gone

The loyal viewers who watched the back-and-forth exchange went on Twitter to air their complaints against Meghan McCain. They explained their reasons for not liking the co-host and why she should be cut off from the talk show.

“I really don’t understand why The View keeps Meghan McCain on the show,” one fan wrote. The way she treats people is shameful.” She’s always right (in her mind) and is condescending to anyone who disagrees with her, especially Joy Behar. Please fire Meghan.”

“Get rid of McCain, she sucks,” one bystander added. “That’s the nicest thing I can say.”

“They need to download it,” commented a Twitter user. “She’s angry, it’s not good TV. A grown woman who can’t argue calmly for an hour (however conservative) shouldn’t have this job. What a whiner. She’s not a good hostess. I used to work in the news, but I wouldn’t like to work on this show with arguments.

“Fire Meghan McCain,” another fan said. “She’s awful, obnoxious, and she feels her opinion is the only opinion that matters. That this is her last year at The View.”

“Get rid of Meghan McCain,” another viewer started. “He talks about everyone and is very disrespectful to other guests.”

“Meghan takes all the positive out of The View,” another Twitter user wrote. “She’s extremely rude. I don’t understand how an employer keeps rewarding her attitude by giving her time for the screen. She needs to be put in a corner like the big whim thrower she is.”

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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  1. Megan need to be fired I can’t stand her she is disrespectful to her elders a typical Libra think she know it all with a stupid degree in art history she is a spoiled little brat get her off she need to grow up.

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The View: Meghan McCain, Joy Behar clash over Bloomberg

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