Is Joy Behar Planning to Say Goodbye to The View?

Is Joy Behar Planning to Say Goodbye to The View?

After 26 seasons of being an essential part of The View, co-host Joy Behar recently sparked discussions about her future on the popular talk show. The seasoned TV personality shared insights about her journey and future plans on The View, prompting curiosity and speculation among fans and viewers alike.

During the Hot Topics segment, co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin directed a remark at Joy Behar that led to an unexpected revelation. Griffin mentioned that for her personal fulfillment, she would want to “work forever, like Joy.” However, Behar’s reaction to this comment took the conversation down a surprising path.

Reacting to Griffin’s statement, the 80-year-old host retorted, “What makes you think I wanna work forever?” and playfully asked if Griffin was “nuts”. While Behar didn’t explicitly state her exit plans, she indicated that she doesn’t intend to stay on The View indefinitely.

“Behar Reflects on Her Journey, Discusses Her ‘Forced’ Hiatus from The View”

In another poignant moment, while discussing the late Tina Turner, Joy Behar reminisced about her tenure on The View. Having been a part of the show for an impressive 26 years, Behar highlighted a small but significant hiatus. The host, however, specified this break was “forced”, alluding to her departure at the end of the show’s 16th season.

Joy Behar and co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck both left The View after season 16. Hasselbeck claimed their departures were due to their opinions being too “polarizing”. Despite denials from Barbara Walters, once Walters retired, Behar returned in season 19.

“Joy Behar’s Future Beyond The View – What Does the Veteran Host Have in Store?”

Having played a major role in The View since 1997, Behar’s departure would mark a significant shift for the show. But what’s next for Behar? While she remains tight-lipped about her future plans, her recent comments indicate that she may not stick around much longer. At 80, the TV personality may well be contemplating a future beyond The View, and we can only guess what adventures lie ahead for her.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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