Joy Behar Unveils Next Acts – Directing Debut and Social Media Dive Post ‘The View

Joy Behar Unveils Next Acts - Directing Debut and Social Media Dive Post 'The View

Joy Behar, one of the cherished hosts of ‘The View’, isn’t bidding farewell to her TV seat yet, but she’s already letting her fans in on what the future might hold for her. Her recent detour from the daily talk show wasn’t a cue for retirement, but an avenue to explore other artistic realms.

The View: A Playwright’s Journey

Behar’s brief hiatus from ‘The View’ wasn’t due to a vacation spree, but a creative endeavor that saw her deep in the rehearsals for her play, ‘Bonkers in the Boroughs’. The play, set to premiere at the New York Comedy Festival, had Behar in a whirlwind of preparation, a journey she was more than excited to undertake. Whoopi Goldberg, her co-host, laid the beans on the table, explaining Behar’s absence as a much-needed break to get ready for the play’s debut.

As Joy Behar delved into the realm of playwriting, she found herself enamored by the director’s role, sparking a new interest that might just be her next venture. Watching her play’s director in action, Behar confessed on a recent podcast, “I have a director, and I’m watching the way she does it because I’m gonna do that next. I’m gonna direct something next because I think I can do that.” It seems like the talk show host might soon add ‘director’ to her multi-faceted career portfolio.

The View: Social Media and A Furry Star

It wasn’t just the director’s chair that caught Joy Behar’s eye. The charm of social media, especially around her beloved dog’s online stardom, seemed to have enticed her. On the podcast, ‘The View: Behind the Table’, Behar jovially mused about possibly delving into the social media sphere post-‘The View’, “Maybe when I leave The View, I should become a social media person,” she laughed. This candid revelation, though shared in jest, opens up an intriguing potential pathway for Behar.

In between directing and social media, Behar also mentioned a book in the works, indicating that her plate remains full with creative pursuits, whether on ‘The View’ or beyond.

Is the Curtain Call Near for Joy Behar on ‘The View’?

Despite these many hints at other interests, the idea of retirement seems far-fetched for the spirited Behar. When nudged about retirement plans on the podcast, she affirmed her unwavering zest for creativity and clarified that leaving ‘The View’ isn’t synonymous with retirement. The show’s producer, Brian Teta, joined the conversation, echoing the sentiment that Behar’s passion for her craft is far from dimming.

While Joy Behar’s journey on ‘The View’ continues, these glimpses into her interests outside the show paint a vibrant picture of what lies ahead. Her artistic spirit, it seems, is on a constant quest for new horizons. As the audience, we are just along for the exciting ride.

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Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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