The View: What McCain told Joy Behar

The View: What McCain told Joy Behar

Meghan McCain and Joy Behar have had another feud on The View. The ladies were talking about commercial insults from Michael Bloomberg and Donald Trump when things took a turn for the worse. It was McCain who spun the debate down a dark road when things got out of control. After the outburst, fans had a lot to say about the Republican pundit.

The View: What McCain told Joy Behar

The “Hot Topics” table was hotter than ever when the co-hosts started talking about politics. McCain was seemingly upset that Bloomberg had gained strength and doubted he could win Trump.

“I think the idea that [Bloomberg] is going to kiss through this… You have to win over the Midwest and the miners and people who are not attractive to the democratic coalition and Trump has locked and loaded that,” McCain said. “And I’m sorry, a guy who wants to take your Slurpee will have a real problem in the miners’ towns!”

“And you know what? A guy who wants to take your health care is even worse off!” Shot back.

This was the point where McCain lost it and started making low blows toward Behar.

“You know what, Joy? I’m right about election issues and you’re wrong,” McCain said. When Behar asked how she was wrong, she said, “You thought Trump would lose in 2016 and I didn’t.”

When Behar reminded Meghan McCain that Hillary Clinton got more votes than Trump, the Republican pundit tried to belittle the former.

“Does that make you feel good at night? She’s still in the White House. That’s a ridiculous thing to say every single day on this show. He’s president, go on!” Meghan McCain shouted.

“Everyone on this panel is repeating themselves, okay?” Behar responded.

“You’re trying to make yourself feel better, it’s weird,” Meghan McCain said then.

“I’m not trying to make me feel better, I want him out!” Behar said firmly to an audience applauding.

The View: Fans go off on McCain

The fans weren’t happy with the way Meghan McCain behaved during the debate and how mean she was to Behar. After the moment broadcast live, viewers went on Twitter to make their views on the conservative co-host heard.

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“All I can say is that being passionate women is great. Screaming, being rude and always talking about your co-hosts isn’t.” It’s not even fun to watch. Seriously girl, calm down,” commented a fan.

“Please tell me why Meghan feels the need to yell for Joy and act like she’s the most experienced person on the jury? I’m pretty tired of her behavior,” one bystander said.

“I’m never watching this show again because of Meghan McCain. I’m done. All she does is scream like the little girl she is.” She’s not the smartest political pundit she thinks she is. Take Ana Navarro forever,” added a Twitter user.

I really don’t understand why The View keeps Meghan in the program. The way she treats people is shameful. She’s always right (in her mind) and is condescending to anyone who disagrees with her, especially Joy Behar. Please fire Meghan,” another fan tweeted.

“Meghan defending Trump scares me. “She knows he hates her father and calls her cruel names,” another bystander pointed out.

Fire Meghan McCain.” She’s terrible, obnoxious, and she feels her opinion is the only one that matters.” Let this be her last year on The View,” another Twitter user suggested.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

TV Writer
Tommy Kilmer has been writing about TV, and celebrities since 2019.


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  1. I don’t understand why McCain was ever hired for this show. She’s John McCain’s daughter, so what? I don’t watch anymore because I find her rude and obnoxious.

  2. I dont watch your show anymore! Ever since that person Megan McCain came onboard on this show, the show is ugly and disgusting, losing my temper hearing that Megan McCain person acting so rude and evil! I have been watching this show for years and ever since this person, Megan Nc Cain came onboard my friends and I don’t watch it as much, because she’s rude, not a happy person she’s miserable! She talks ugly sbout our
    President, then she talks about the professional people that have been in this show longer! It’s not fun nor delightful to watch this show anymore with Megan Mc Cain making ugly statements!? Please excuse her away from this show! Let us enjoy it like we used to before this negative person joined and her name is Megan McCain! She is miserable she doesn’t provide anything positive to The View! Thank you,
    Respectfully, Sylvia Rodriguez

  3. I am a loyal viewer of the show but with M. McCain there…I am done watching. She’s arrogant and rude. Always wants to make her point and sort of does that with an awful attitude. She wants to be the center of attention all the time. Sorry, but can you guys replace her? I will take Anna Navarro anytime. She’s smart and debates topics in a calm way. She knows when to keep mouth shut and open it to find solutions to comments and issues brought to the famous table
    called The View. Whoopi, Joy and Sunny and Anna are all experts before cameras. Keep them please.

  4. I have watched this show from the start with Barbara Walters and have seen Co-host come and go, however Mc Cain is the worst I truly believe she has so many personal issues that need to dealt with on a professional level is the reason she lashes out so much she always looks miserable and unhappy.
    (Not good for the show that I have loved so much🤦🏻‍♀️)

  5. l really liked that Meghan told Behar exactly what she thought! Joy only has hatred for the President and republicans! Joy like all of the democrats like Polosi, Schiff, Nader,Stalwel, Waters and Greene do not have specific reasons except that they hate the president because Hillary lost! Meghan was right the farmers, blue collar workers, miners have all helped elect the president! Both coasts and big cities do not represent the rest of the country! The electoral college gives us all a voice!

  6. We should stop watching the view or protest to get that fat tired bitch McCain off the show.She a Republican so what do you expect very cold.Since she can’t get pregnant or she not getting laid enough she should adopt a child so she can love someone. I am sorry to say she dresses like a old lady and her look is so tired and I am tired of her talking about her dad.I think she really likes trump it is all a act.If whoopi was there she would shut her up. TAKE A LONG VACATION GO TO A SPA AND LOOSE WEIGHT YOU MIGHT LIKE YOUR SELF BETTER.

  7. I’ll be honest… I’ve never watched The View but I recently wanted to try it to see what it was about BECAUSE I thought it was a popular show BUT 3 times was it for me because of M. McCain. I’m done before I even really started. I feel as though she feels she has some sort of entitlement ..especially since she is McCain’s daughter..on political issues…”SO WHAT”! CANT STAND TO EVEN LOOK AT HER OR LISTEN TO HER AS MUCH AS I CAN’T STAND TO LOOK AT OR LISTEN TO TRUMP! THEY ARE CUT FROM THE SAME MOLD !

  8. I can’t stand Joy Behar or Whoopi Goldberg or Sunny Hostin! They’ve ruined the show! With all the fighting and screaming back and forth and trying to shut up anybody who has a conservative voice before they can say anything is nauseating! My friends and I no longer watch the show and if I happen to put it on by accident I quickly change the channel. Everyone in that freaky audience must be under the age of 30 or be morons. It’s a sad commentary on the society that we live in that this is one of the top daytime talk shows, or so they say! Sunny Hosten is a joke! She pretends to be black but she’s got long straight hair oh, that is sometimes blond. Why doesn’t she let her natural hair show? If she’s so proud of who she is? And her opinions? She is an absolute idiot! She thinks she’s a movie-star for God’s sake. And not a very intelligent one. And do something with whoopies hair!

  9. Megan is sickening to watch. The View allows her because they are afraid of her mouth and how she will talk about them if they fired her. They hope she will leave but she wont shes the devil too. No one will hire her. Shes not going anywhere.

  10. Meghan McCain, is a spoiled selfish brat. She has always rode on the coat tail of her father and she always will. Some told her that she was a political analyst. Far, far from the truth. Honestly I think she voted for Trump and I always felt that way. Two peas in a pod if you ask me

  11. I am so happy that stood up to Joy!! It’s about time someone put her in her place!!! I’m not crazy about Meghan but I feel she was justified! Joy is the most hateful woman on tv to date!!! She is the one that’s always rude and interrupts all the time!!! Good job Meghan!!

  12. She’s a spoiled arrogant brat who constantly over talks and cuts in and really has nothing to say and she’s just bitter and has gotten worse since the passing of her father .I know the 5 steps of grief anger/rage are part of that but she is out of control and totally disrespectful .Like I said she’s always been arrogant and rude but now it’s worse .In my unprofessional but educated knowledge in the field of Psychology she needs counseling as well as grief support /counseling and maybe one day she’ll be a better and happier human being.

  13. The only reason I even bother watching The View is for Meghan’s take on things, Behar is bore and a liberal hack, and I like Whoopi as Guinan, but Whoopi Goldberg is as much liberal hack as Behar. Meghan McCain maybe conservative lite, but she also the only conservative view on the panel and deserves to be heard instead of shouted down at every chance, like they did with Donald Trump Jr when he was doing his book tour. He legitimately pointed out that Joy dressing as a person of color for Halloween one year is now called wearing black face and how Whoopi stood up for a known rapist when she stood up for Polanski.

  14. They ALL suck. Cancel The View entirely. It was just as bad when Hasselbeck was on. I usually schedule my root canals and other less painful procedures during this time slot.

  15. I don’t watch the view because it is baise against republicans. All they do is bash the President.. And Hillary did not win .. We know how it works with the Democrats. Electoral votes is what counts . Can’t just win the big. Democratic states with big populations, smaller states matter also , thats why we have it.. So your state of California or New York does not control everything.. Would have a bunch of idiots running this country..

  16. I think joy behar should be gone. About the most ignorant of individual I have ever listen to. Spouts total bullshit about our president instead of praising him for all the work he has accomplish. ABC keeps her to spout their retoric towards the President.

  17. McCain needs an extended break from the show. She needs to seek professional help to deal with her grif. She could use her time off to read up on social and political issues other than her own, interpersonal skills, and personal recovery. Get her some help!

  18. I do not understand why you say your going to tune out. First off all this is exactly what the producer’s of the show want, they want friction between the hosts. They know that viewers like that and make more money selling ads. Which are to many, I forget how many ads I once counted during the first intermission. You want to stick it to Macain, which I believe is a few cards shy of a full deck. Contact the companies that have commercials on the show. Tell them that you will never buy there product if megan stays on that show.

  19. I have written several times about McCain and the View. I used to love the show . I want to learn and hear both sides. I used to learn so much from the different views. McCain is just rude. She talks over everyone else and won’t let other sides be heard. When Woopie tries to stop her she acts like a baby , saying she won’t speak the rest of the show and sits with arms crossed and a pout. The other day she told Not she was always wrong politically and McCain was always right. That is just childish!. Since McCain has come on board, I have had to shut off the show many times when she begins her rants. Because her father was a great man she thinks somehow she is the best thing on Earth. She needs to go and The View needs to find a calm Republican view from someone we can learn from. I am a strong woman and want to learn , not be screamed at.

  20. Joy was the one that started to yell. Joy can’t stand anyone having a different opinion than hers. Then when she thinks she’s funny she makes her ugly face. Sunny is condescending. Whoopi still here after promising to leave if Trump was elected. Meghan knows the Political arena. She grew up in it.

  21. The fact that Megan Mc Cain thinks she represents everyone. You only represent your self. Everyone has a opinion. Her’s I not gold. Why do they keep her. She really gets bold when Whoopi is not there. 2020 should be here last year on the show.

  22. I stopped watching the view when all they do is bash the President, won’t even call him by his name. These comments come from obnoxious rude people just like Joy and the other 2. Megan McCain is no where near the way the view cast is, they can’t stand it cause she don’t think stupid, mean, rude among other things the way they do! I think she should quit for the way she is treated. It’s only one way for the view cast ,if you don’t agree with them you are the wrong one. I Hate the view!! Megan was better on Fox News anyway!!!

  23. I think. Joy Behar is toxic!! I am an.. independent. Both parties have fallen away from original platforms. Hate spreads hate anddoes not unite us. I do not watch when Joy is on. I do not like Trump, either however hate can blind you to really goodness.

  24. McCain needs to calm it down. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but does it have to be so loud? I know it is important to have people on the panel with different political beliefs but it’s getting out of hand. Viewers spend half of the show trying to figure out who is talking because they are all shouting at once. I do agree with one of the comments that mentioned an entitlement issue with McCain. It comes off in an obnoxious way. I don’t think she should be fired but maybe coached on keeping it civil and calm.

  25. I’ve seen the show, but I avoid shows that only allow leftist opinions. Whoopi Goldberg , Joy Behar, and the audience are maddening. This show should be seen where it belongs, on MSNBC !

  26. Please replace Megan with a *reasonable* Republican, since she too often sounds angry, vindictive? Her good points are overshadowed by her vitriol. Many Americans have war-heroes or selfless Patriots in their families, it doesn’t make them movie stars! Megan needs to DO something besides sound angry and entitled. I quit watching, it’s too upsetting.

  27. Right on!! They hate McCain because she has a different opinion. There actually Mean to her. I give her credit to set there and take there nasty, disgusting facial expression. Whoopi is out of control. She was nasty to Judge Jeanne and channel 7 let her get away with being so nasty and Rude to the Judge. Actually Whoopi told her to get out through her off the Show. Wow… shame!! Hang on Meghan.

  28. I used to watch The View but have recently turned it off… tho I understand the concept of the show I can’t stand the yelling. I honestly, can’t stand to watch Megan Mccain… I am a great admirer of her dad and tried giving her a chance but she acts so immature… I would tune in again if she were replaced.. thank you.

  29. I like McCain . She does speak her mind , which is good for the show . The VIEW is a Democratic
    show , so to have a different side to voice is good . Yeah we can do without the “YELLING ”
    coming in from both sides . If your going to
    ” Can ” someone , then can them all . What I’m tired of about is that when a guest has his or her opinion , that Whoopi or Joy tells them that there wrong , when is it wrong to have an opinion ?. What ….. They’re always right . No one is allowed to have his or her opinion . It’s a joke show ” Now ” .

  30. Finally someone saying what I’ve been thinking, exactly. Would it not be refreshing to have the audience stop screaming and cheering everytime one of them bashes Trump, which it seems that’s all they do..I actually feel like Meghan’s view is a bit refreshing after Joy makes it clear for the millionth time how she feels, so stinking tiring… I always think about how the panel fell all over Avanati and Stormy Daniels and look where they are now! Conservatives have no chance on that show, some days I just turn it off!

  31. Yes, McCain is intolerable, and I wonder where the mean gene came from. As my Jewish aunt from New Jersey would say, “John must be spinning in his grave.”

    When she first arrived on The View, I pledged to myself that I would try very hard to like her. I thought that she might have a different perspective backed up by all the interesting events in her life. Not to mention her father’s integrity and “balls.” Take it from this lifelong Democrat, I hung in there for about a month before I realized she really is the epitome of republican wealth and entitlement and that she wasn’t someone who had another layer of tact, respect, and really solid political vision.

    I don’t know how or if she will someday get a grip on reality and look at herself in the mirror and hear that loud voice telling her “OMG, the rest of the world could be right. I really am wrong about almost everything and I’m going to sit in the back seat for a while until I stop sucking my thumb and earn the right to sit at a table with erudite women with poise and intelligence.”

    May that, or the pink slip, come soon.

  32. I think it’s important to understand others, regardless of my personal political opinions. To that end, I unfortunately subject myself to watching that ludicrous show styled as “The View”. I have come to understand that the show is aptly named View as singular in nature. The only counter view is that frequently uttered by McCain, now that Abby is gone. You may notice, if you care to, that EVERY conservative female voice that has left the show has moved on to remain in the public’s attention, usually rewarded by excelling in a much more reasonable, logical and less hostile environment than that of The View. Surely, you can’t overlook that point. I have at many times stated that I am embarrassed to be the same gender as the screaming, attacking, talk over each other, derogatory, oftentimes demonstrating ignorant opinions that most hosts all aim at whoever does not agree with the general liberal consensus of all the other panel members. It’s a sad sad commentary on the times we are living in, however…all arrogant hosts are reassured that it’s really Trumps fault they are the way they are! I would laugh, however the lunatic Behar who frequently claims to have comedic privilege might chose to take credit, which she certainly doesn’t deserve.

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