The View: What fans may not know about Joy Behar

The View: What fans may not know about Joy Behar

Joy Behar’s real name is Josephine Occhiuto, yet she decided to use her childhood nickname ‘Gioia’ and keep her married name ‘Behar’ [to her first husband Joe] because it was easier to pronounce than her Italian name. The nickname was useful in her career as a celebrity.

The comedian’s path to her place on The View panel included many detours. After earning her master’s degree in English education, the co-host initially wanted to become a teacher and began her career in the classroom. After suffering an ectopic pregnancy in 1979, she reassessed her goals and decided to pursue a career in show business by performing, according to People, in stand-up comedy.

Getting a job as a receptionist for Good Morning America while working as a stand-up comedian, Joy Behar planned to be discovered working on the morning news and was fired instead. Fired by the GMA in 1983, Joy Behar admits to being “one of their most hostile receptionists,” according to Good Housekeeping.

Few people know that, in addition to these varied credits in her name, Joy Behar is also an ordained minister and put the title into practice during The View’s Valentine’s Day program for a lucky (and surprising) couple.

The View: Wedding and honeymoon on the house

Moderating the Friday show, Joy Behar turned to the audience in search of a special couple. “My spies tell me there is a couple… who are engaged and would like to get married on Valentine’s Day,” he said, according to ABC News. “Where are Sarah Chrisman and Bo Allbritton?”

The Council Bluffs couple, Iowa, met in 2008 and got engaged after three years of dating, but hadn’t tied the knot yet. Joy Behar decided to make them a tempting offer.

Revealing that he was an ordained minister, Joy Behar offered to marry them on the air immediately and to add a generous wedding gift. “If you are willing to make it official right now, we are willing to take another trip to Cabo and I will marry you today,” he said, after another couple in the audience had already won a trip to the same venue.

Not wasting any time, the couple accepted the offer, because the stage of The View has been turned into a wedding chapel. Chrisman was promptly provided with a veil and Allbritton with a bow tie for the festivities, while Behar took his place to officiate.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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  1. I don’t care what nickname Joy Behar chooses to go by, there is NOTHING about her that would remotely describe her as her name “Joy” might imply! I would suggest changing her name to “Vicious,” “Vile,” “Venomous,” and “Vulgar” to consider as much more descriptive of her character and personality that she displays on “The View!” Joy BeGone or Joy BeHag perhaps? That’s MY View!!!

    • She has done that daily…for three long years!! Sounds like Hillary, crying over her loss and blaming everyone but herself…for the ladt three years.

  2. Rather than criticize her, I feel sorry for her. The woman is definitely delusional and out of touch with/completely lost her grip on reality, as are all who agree with her political views.
    In addition, she has or, as a result, she has a full blown case of Trump Derangement Syndrome that she admits has consumed her mind to the point the she admitted that she was crazy.

  3. The people who said Joy Behar was “vicious” and “nasty” should be the last to criticize. Their comments were vicious and nasty.

  4. You can disagree with someone’s opinion without having to constantly mock and belittle them. Megan McCain is frequently mocked and ridiculed on “The View” simply for stating her opinion, and Joy Behar is often at the epicenter of this mockery. Joy Behar is entitled to her opinions and political views, but so is Megan McCain. Liberals are always talking about fair distribution of wealth. Let’s start with a little fair distribution of “free speech”. When we can learn to have a healthy debate of ideas, that’s when we’ll start to come together as a country and a productive society.


  6. She’s not worth the time to look at or listen to. Her words are as good as trash as soon as they come out of her garbage disposal of a mouth.

  7. What the title should read is ” Who cares what Joy Behar thinks, says, contributes, or does”. She is a thorn in the shows side, a hateful, unprofessional, misinformed, individual who spews hate and gossip towards our President. She is a trouble maker and her negativity ruins the “The View”. Please please replace Joy and Whoopie. Maybe they could return to stand up comedy at their local comedy clubs.

  8. Joy is great. Relax people. She’s a comedian. She’s going to have a different vibe. I’d rather listen to Joy being crash and critical then listen to Megan whining pouting and acting like a child. As far as being nasty of the comments that i see here are pretty rough

  9. Joy Speaks the truth! You loving Trump fans will find out the cost for your blind loyalty when your love ones are dying because of the lack of healthcare and you cannot afford to help them because you have lost your jobs. So leave Joy alone, and be the blind sheep you are

  10. I think Joy is disgusting and just a bitter and sad person. No matter what topic on the View, she turns it into a Trump bashing…somehow. Even if not remotely related. She then bashes Megan for just having a view that differs from hers. It gets SO old. Megan gets criticized, but I think Joy stirs the pot EVERY day@

  11. I think Joy is great, she wants the criminal out of office as I do. Megan is a loud mouth and nothing like her father. She should leave!

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