Joy Behar Dazzles with Debut of “Bonkers in the Boroughs” – The View Co-Hosts Celebrate Her Theatrical Talents

Joy Behar Dazzles with Debut of "Bonkers in the Boroughs" - The View Co-Hosts Celebrate Her Theatrical Talents

Joy Behar, renowned for her sharp wit on “The View,” may be turning a new page in her illustrious career. As she celebrated another milestone birthday, Behar unveiled a creative surprise that could signal a shift in her professional life. She has penned not one but five plays, collectively titled “Bonkers in the Boroughs: Five Short Plays,” showcasing her versatility and passion for the stage.

A Birthday Buzz with a Creative Twist

The atmosphere during Behar’s birthday was laced with a certain briskness, perhaps a ripple effect of her recent literary undertaking. Her interactions with her fellow co-hosts were noticeably succinct, possibly a side effect of juggling the roles of a playwright, director, and actress. Behar’s eagerness to advance the day’s agenda was palpable, culminating in a moment where she nudged a cameraman aside, gently asserting her need to keep the show on track.

The View on Theatrical Nights

Joy Behar’s theatrical venture came to life with performances scheduled across the first weekend of November, including her own birthday. In true showbiz fashion, she didn’t just stop at writing; she took to the director’s chair and graced the stage in an acting role. It’s a triple threat display that her co-hosts on “The View” were expected to celebrate in grandeur.

However, an air of mystery surrounded the absence of Whoopi Goldberg during the premiere. Despite “The View’s” official Instagram account cheering on Behar with a heartwarming post, Goldberg’s absence was conspicuous and left many fans puzzled. As Goldberg took the helm on the show in Behar’s stead, one might wonder if her no-show was an oversight or a matter of conflicting priorities.

Fanfare on Social Media

The virtual world was abuzz with accolades for Joy Behar’s plays. The reviews painted the internet with praise, and the fans did not hold back their admiration. Instagram became a beacon of positive vibes, with users like @luis2002_sanchez lauding Behar’s leap into playwriting and @johnna1924 keeping it succinct with a hearty “Congrats!”

Alyssa Farah Griffin, another co-host, expressed her dismay at missing the event due to illness, her message a blend of regret and enthusiasm. Meanwhile, Sunny Hostin made plans to catch the Saturday performance, leaving Whoopi’s silence on social media about the plays open to speculation.

The success of Joy Behar’s foray into theatre seems undeniable, with sold-out performances and a cascade of congratulatory messages. Joy Behar, a name synonymous with daytime television controversy and humor, may just have added ‘acclaimed playwright’ to her repertoire.

The View’s New Horizon

It seems that Behar’s pivot to playwriting has not only broadened her own horizons but also brought a fresh perspective to fans and followers. As the lights dim on the weekend of premieres, the echoes of applause for “Bonkers in the Boroughs” continue to resonate, marking a potentially transformative chapter in Joy Behar’s career.

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Written by Lisa Lindsay

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