The View: Ana Navarro’s Exciting Weekend in Cartagena Captures Fans’ Attention

The View: Ana Navarro's Exciting Weekend in Cartagena Captures Fans' Attention

Popular television host and political commentator Ana Navarro recently made waves online with her series of pictures from a weekend getaway in Colombia. As a star of ‘The View‘, Navarro knows how to keep her audience engaged, and her latest Instagram posts featuring her toned body and witty captions are no exception.

The View: A Tropical Getaway

Ana Navarro was spotted enjoying a leisure weekend at the stunning beaches of Cartagena, Colombia. The 51-year-old looked fit and fabulous in her strappy swimsuit with black straps wrapping around her neck and a red and black striped main portion. A wide-brimmed hat and gold hoop earrings completed her stylish beach look.

The TV star posted a series of pictures capturing her lounging on the beach, showing off her toned legs, a hammock nestled between trees, and a moment of joy with her friend Lee Schrager on a boat.

Ana Navarro’s pictures seem to tell the story of a weekend spent under the sun, filled with laughter, relaxation, and an abundance of scenic beauty. In her captions, she revealed they were celebrating Schrager’s birthday on the private island operated by Casa Pastagua in Cartagena.

The View: Navigating Memorial Day Weekend

Ana Navarro had previously humorously hinted at a last-minute trip with her friends over Memorial Day weekend. True to her word, she shared a clip from their voyage to Cartagena.

In her caption, Navarro wrote, “Our fat butts are wedged in the back of the plane because flights are packed for holiday weekend.” This amusing note demonstrates Navarro’s ability to keep things lighthearted and fun, even in inconvenient situations.

The View: Co-host Sunny Hostin: A Continuous Tease

While Ana Navarro was celebrating the weekend, back on ‘The View’, Sunny Hostin got under her skin. The two co-hosts are known to engage in a playful back-and-forth, and this time, Hostin irked Navarro by suggesting she move out of her home state, Florida.

Navarro’s retort to the suggestion was resolute: “I’m not gonna move. You tell me that all the time and it irritates me! You don’t move, you fight.” These strong words portray Navarro’s dedication to her home and her determination to stand her ground.

The View: An Unwavering Miami Heat Fan

Ana Navarro isn’t shy about her preferences, even when they go against the majority. In a previous episode of the talk show, she wore a Miami Heat jersey and cap, promoting the basketball team in front of a New York audience. She even faced boos from the crowd and was heckled by co-host Sunny and her teen daughter, Paloma.

Navarro took it all in stride, reminding audiences about the upcoming Knicks vs. Heat game and promoting her favorite team on social media.

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