Whoopi Goldberg Is ‘Over It’ – The View’s Fiery Debate on First Dates and the Cheesecake Factory Goes Viral

Whoopi Goldberg Is 'Over It' - The View's Fiery Debate on First Dates and the Cheesecake Factory Goes Viral

The co-hosts of The View are known for their energetic and sometimes controversial debates on everything from politics to lifestyle. In a recent episode, they took on the topic of first dates, inspired by a viral video where a woman expressed her disappointment about being taken to the Cheesecake Factory. While co-host Sunny Hostin declared her love for the popular restaurant chain, moderator Whoopi Goldberg seemed rather disinterested, a point that did not go unnoticed by the show’s avid viewers.

Goldberg introduced the segment saying, “So, let’s talk about this because this woman went viral for shaming her date for choosing The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. She feels bad about reacting like she did, so she says, but take a look at the clip.” However, her lack of enthusiasm was evident, prompting a wave of audience reactions on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit.

One fan tweeted, “I always love Whoopi’s facial expressions in these topics. Hahaha,” while another wrote, “I love Whoopi’s expression on this stupid topic. I have the same one on my face also!” With this, it became clear: Whoopi Goldberg might just be “over it,” leading many to wonder what the Oscar-winning actress really thinks about the hot-button issue of dating locales.

The View: To Cheesecake or Not to Cheesecake

Joy Behar was the first co-host to share her thoughts after the clip was played. “Here’s the thing. Two things, I always tell young girls, make your own money,” she began, hinting at the unpredictability of first dates. Behar’s stance seemed to echo the sentiment that dating should be a mutual experience, and individuals should maintain their independence.

However, Sunny Hostin was quick to come to the Cheesecake Factory’s defense. “I go there every week,” she declared, highlighting that the restaurant is not to be underestimated as a first-date option. According to Hostin, there’s something comforting and convenient about the Cheesecake Factory that makes it a viable choice for a casual meet-up.

The debate took a playful yet serious tone as each co-host weighed in on what they believe is an ideal location for a first date. While some praised trendy spots and fancy restaurants, others vouched for more laid-back venues like coffee shops and parks.

But as the co-hosts ventured further into the topic of first dates, the viewers remained fixated on Whoopi Goldberg’s seeming disinterest. One social media user pointed out, “LMAO, I’m watching Whoopi from 2:27 onwards. She’s so over it XDD.”

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