Whoopi Goldberg Takes on a New Venture with “The Change” Graphic Novel

Whoopi Goldberg Takes on a New Venture with "The Change" Graphic Novel

Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of The View, is branching out into a new medium with her upcoming graphic novel, “The Change”. The comic book, co-written by Goldberg, centers around a woman named Isabel Frost, who feels like her life has become stagnant. As her body adjusts to menopause, she develops powerful abilities and decides to embrace the new direction of her life and become the “Change”.

The graphic novel tackles important topics such as menopause and the empowerment that comes with it. The main character, Isabel, is a wife, mother, and grandmother, who despite having a support network of family and friends, feels like her life is not what she thought it would be. The book also features a comic book-loving grandson, who helps Isabel on her journey of self-discovery.

First Look at the Cover

The cover of “The Change” graphic novel has been released, and it features a woman with striking similarities to Whoopi Goldberg. The hero on the cover wears a dramatic black leather outfit and holds an orb of blue energy in her hand. The cover suggests that the book will be action-packed and full of adventure.

“The Change” graphic novel is a departure from Goldberg’s usual projects, which include acting and hosting daytime TV. However, the multi-talented star is no stranger to writing. She has previously written books for children, including “Sugar Plum Ballerinas” and “Whoopi’s Big Book of Manners”.

Pressure to Leave “The View”

The announcement of Whoopi Goldberg’s new project comes amid continuing pressure for her to leave The View. According to rumors, the show’s executives are “tired” of Goldberg’s “toxic” behavior and have asked her to leave the show. Goldberg has served as show moderator for 15 years.

In February 2022, Goldberg was suspended from The View for two weeks because of her “wrong and hurtful comments” about Jewish people and the Holocaust. She claimed that the Holocaust was not about “race”. In December, she seemingly repeated her claim about the Holocaust.

Insiders have claimed that Goldberg’s constant on-air episodes have been driving viewers away from The View. They believe that Goldberg’s behavior is toxic and that it’s time for her to step aside for the sake of the show. The insider also claimed that Goldberg has been struggling with her physical health as a result of work stresses.

Whoopi Goldberg’s new project, “The Change” graphic novel, offers her a chance to showcase her creative talents in a new and exciting way. The book promises to be a thrilling adventure that tackles important topics in a unique and engaging way.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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