The View: Joy Behar Opens Up About the Health Crisis That Redefined Her Outlook on Life

The View: Joy Behar Opens Up About the Health Crisis That Redefined Her Outlook on Life

On The View’s podcast, “Behind the Table,” beloved co-host Joy Behar had a candid discussion. She opened up about a harrowing health crisis that drastically shifted her perspective on life.

At 81, Joy Behar recounted the moment she was faced with a dire medical emergency, thinking it was the end for her. This episode became a defining moment, leading to profound life changes for the seasoned talk show host.

During the podcast, executive producer Brian Teta prompted Behar to delve into a life-changing experience. He asked all co-hosts about pivotal life moments.

Joy Behar immediately recalled the distressing time when an ectopic pregnancy necessitated an emergency room visit. “I thought I was gonna be dead,” she shared, describing the intense fear and pain she endured while waiting for medical intervention. The Mayo Clinic outlines this type of pregnancy as a critical condition. In an ectopic pregnancy, a fertilized egg grows outside the uterus. This poses severe health risks if not addressed promptly.

How Joy Behar Turned Adversity into Opportunity

Joy Behar’s ordeal led to an emergency operation where she had to have a fallopian tube removed to save her life. Despite the traumatic experience, this became a catalyst for Behar. It prompted her to reevaluate her life’s direction and goals. “Is that all there is to the circus? Is that all there is?”

She pondered, reflecting on her aspirations. She realized that life was passing by without her having achieved her dreams. This epiphany spurred her to pursue every goal she had set for herself. It marked the start of a new chapter in her life. This chapter included significant decisions such as a divorce and a career pivot.

In the same year as her health scare, Behar faced personal and professional challenges. She got divorced and lost her job at Good Morning America. But she didn’t give up. She became a regular on The View and also became an author and playwright.

On a September episode of The View’s podcast, Behar talked about retirement. Producer Brian Teta asked her about it because people were curious about when she would leave the show.

Behar made it clear that she doesn’t think creative people like her ever retire. She said, “I’m a writer. There’s no such thing as retiring.” She explained that she might leave the show, but she will always keep doing creative things.

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