The View’s Sunny Hostin Faces Backlash, Viewers Demand Her Exit

The View's Sunny Hostin Faces Backlash, Viewers Demand Her Exit

Viewers demand the exit of The View’s co-host Sunny Hostin after a heated on-air argument with Alyssa Farah. Fans are rallying on Twitter, vowing to boycott the show if Sunny is not replaced.

Fans of the popular morning talk show ‘The View’ are calling for co-host Sunny’s removal following a fierce on-air argument with fellow co-host, Alyssa. As tempers flared, fans were quick to take to social media, stating they would boycott the show if Sunny Hostin was not replaced.

The View: The Moment That Sparked the Controversy

The spark that ignited the controversy was a heated debate over the 2024 Presidential election, during which the co-hosts discussed Chris Christie’s entrance into the race and Alyssa Farah’s support of Mike Pence. Sunny took issue with Alyssa’s defense of Pence, who was instrumental in getting the COVID-19 vaccines approved.

Sunny Hostin voiced concerns over Alyssa’s sudden support for Pence despite past allegations of falsehoods, accusing Alyssa of being “incapable of defending a man she worked for.” Sunny’s relentless pursuit of her argument against Alyssa caused outrage among viewers.

Twitter Erupts in Defense of Alyssa

Viewers flocked to Twitter, rallying in defense of Alyssa and against Sunny. They accused Sunny of behaving like a bully and called for her removal from the show. One user wrote, “@sunny is insufferable at times…Constantly makes @Alyssafarah the enemy and it’s getting old.”

Another viewer added, “I NEVER watch this show anymore because of the non-stop political arguing. @sunny was beyond rude! I loved this show in its early years, after today, I will make sure to change the channel before The View comes on. Sorry Barbara, what you started was great, now it’s a hot mess!”

In the midst of the argument, Alyssa pleaded for a chance to share her viewpoints, stating, “This is Barbara Walters’ legacy. Let a woman speak.” Her plea received applause from the studio audience but Sunny Hostin continued speaking, further escalating the tension. Co-host Whoopi Goldberg eventually called for a commercial break, stating, “Why do I feel like I need to go to break right now?”

The View: Will Sunny Stay or Go?

With ‘The View’ viewers voicing their frustration and threatening to boycott the show, it remains to be seen whether Sunny Hostin will retain her seat on the panel. For a show built on the principle of diverse views and respectful dialogue, this recent outburst has clearly struck a nerve with the audience.

The legacy of Barbara Walters is at stake, as viewers demand respectful discourse and equal airtime for differing opinions. The public’s response to this incident serves as a reminder that healthy debate should never turn into personal attacks, especially on a platform meant to promote unity and understanding.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

TV Writer
Tommy Kilmer has been writing about TV, and celebrities since 2019.


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