The View Names Ana Navarro As Co-Host

The View Names Ana Navarro As Co-Host

It has been announced that this week Ana Navarro will have a more formal seat at the table of The View. Fans of the program are wondering what Navarro’s new title means and how often she will appear on The View. Read on to find out what’s in store for Navarro on the talk show.

The View Names Ana Navarro As Co-Host

Whoopi Goldberg has announced that Ana Navarro has officially been named co-host of The View. Goldberg herself has been host of the talk show for 15 years. There has been speculation that Navarro became co-host of the program because some of the main hosts are reaching retirement age. Joy Behar will turn 80 later this year. Whoopi is also nearing 60 and wants to take more time off.

Several fans of “The View” were grateful that the TV channel has heard what they asked for. Many people who watch the chat show regularly have asked for Ana to become a regular member of the panel. She has been a fan favourite for some time.

Whatever the reason, fans are pleased and interested to see how often they see her sitting at the infamous table.

It is exciting news for Ana Navarro fans to hear that he is more present on the chat show. However, Navarro explained on the show that he does not appear every day. She noted that she has other commitments, including her wife and their “needy” dog in Miami. Not to mention that there are countless other things she loves to do in Florida. This has left viewers speculating exactly how much Navarro appears on the show each day. It won’t be daily for him, but it’s possible fans will see him two to three times a week.

Some fans noted on Reddit that Joy Behar will likely take Mondays off. Whoopi also takes a day off every week. So these are possible days when people might see Ana Navarro perform.

The most important part of the announcement is that it ensures that fans will see Ana Navarro on the scheduled days each week. Those who tune in just for him will be able to find out when she performs. He’s not just going to skip out if the presenters are absent. It’s thought that along with the additional appearances and title bump, Navarro will also get a pay rise. The new presenter seems excited about the prospect of performing more regularly and continuing to sit behind the desk.

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