Is Whoopi Goldberg Ready to Say Goodbye to ‘The View’? Here’s What We Know!

Is Whoopi Goldberg Ready to Say Goodbye to 'The View'? Here's What We Know!

Since her debut on ‘The View’, Whoopi Goldberg has become synonymous with the show, her face a recognizable staple during its daily airings. According to The Sun, there’s been rising speculation regarding Whoopi’s future on the show. Despite being on the job for 16 years, Whoopi made some intriguing comments on Tuesday, October 17th that have only fueled the rumors. She said, “I’ve done nothing but retire. I’ve been retired my whole career, so I kind of like that, yeah. I have a contract. As long as I’m doing the contract, nobody’s mad.”

While Whoopi confirms she’s contractually obligated to ‘The View‘, her remarks suggest an emotional detachment from the job, framing her lengthy career as a sort of “retirement.”

The View: Work-Life Balance – The Key to Whoopi’s ‘Retirement’?

It’s no secret that Whoopi Goldberg has a rich and diversified career, not just limited to the small screen. She is currently working on Sister Act 3, making it evident that she is keeping her artistic avenues wide open. This duality in her career is facilitated by her unique schedule on ‘The View’, which allows her Fridays off. Whoopi herself stated, “But I’ve been off on Fridays for years now because when we did that normally, I’d go to work and do shows or do whatever because I could travel on a Friday.”

Moreover, Whoopi has never been shy about discussing the other facets of her life, even going as far as talking about her penchant for, well, laughing so hard she pees. It’s all part and parcel of Whoopi’s multifaceted personality, from her comedy roots to her daytime talk show stint.

The View: So, Is Whoopi Leaving ‘The View’?

As for now, it looks like Whoopi is content balancing her Friday side projects and fulfilling her contract with ‘The View’. Her recent comments point to a deeper sense of freedom that her schedule permits, rather than a definitive plan to leave the show.

For any more updates on this topic or to find out if any other TV celebrities are considering retirement, keep an eye on our entertainment section. Time will tell if Whoopi decides to vacate her seat, but as long as her current lifestyle supports her multifaceted career, fans of ‘The View’ may still get their daily dose of Whoopi Goldberg for some time to come.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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