Love Is Blind Season 5: Jared Pierce Moves On, but What About His Love for the American Flag?

Love Is Blind Season 5: Jared Pierce Moves On, but What About His Love for the American Flag?

It all began in a pod. The hit Netflix show “Love Is Blind” Season 5 introduced us to Jared Pierce and Taylor Rue, the couple who stole our hearts when Jared popped the question, becoming the first couple of the season. We all thought it was a fairytale in the making, but as it turns out, not all love stories have happy endings.

The chemistry between Jared and Taylor seemed undeniable, that is, until they met face-to-face. Their first outing in Mexico shattered the illusions and expectations that had been set during their pod experience. Jared, a 32-year-old firefighter from Houston, was particularly vocal about his dislike for Taylor’s makeup, revealing a layer of superficiality that fans didn’t expect. The couple’s relationship crumbled faster than you can say “I do,” proving that love might not be so blind after all.

Love Is Blind Season 5: Moving On and Finding New Love

According to Izzy Zapata, Jared’s fellow contestant on “Love Is Blind,” the reality TV star has moved on and is dating someone new. Speaking on The Viall Files podcast, hosted by Nick Viall, Izzy revealed that Jared has been in a relationship for almost a year, though the identity of his new love interest remains undisclosed.

Izzy expressed optimism about Jared’s future, noting that he seems to have improved his social skills. “He comes from a good spot. He has a good heart,” Izzy said. This raises hopes that Jared has learned from his past mistakes, including his poor presentation and communication with Taylor. After all, self-expression can be challenging for those who are emotionally disconnected.

Love Is Blind Season 5: A Deep Dive into Jared’s Patriotic Style Choices

Interestingly, Jared’s fascination with the American flag is a subject of much discussion. His wardrobe features an eclectic mix of stars and stripes, from swimming trunks to baseball bats. Stylecaster reported that Taylor found it ironic how Jared could criticize her for her appearance when he himself has a rather particular style.

Although Taylor did speak about her concerns regarding Jared’s communication style, she also mentioned her own worries about a future together. Moving in with Jared was a step she was hesitant to take, making it evident that their breakup was perhaps for the best.

While the world waits for the highly anticipated “Love Is Blind” reunion episode, fans can only speculate on whether Jared will make an appearance with his new girlfriend. And as for Taylor, she has maintained a dignified silence on social media, leaving us all wondering where her love journey will take her next.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

Hannah Gaynor is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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