Controversy Surrounds “Love is Blind” Participant Jeramey Lutinski Amid Engagement Rumors

Controversy Surrounds "Love is Blind" Participant Jeramey Lutinski Amid Engagement Rumors

Before filming season 6 of Love is Blind, there were rumors that Jeramey Lutinski was engaged. His alleged ex-fiancé claimed they were living together. Jeramey, who proposed to Laura but later spent time with Sarah Ann, is being called out by his supposed ex.

Jeramey Lutinski’s Past Engagement Comes to Light

Jeramey Lutinski admitted he was engaged before Love is Blind. He said he talked about it with people he went on dates with, his cast mates, and in interviews. He mentioned that it was well known and documented. However, not all the footage made it into the final cut. His ex, Laura, had previously warned about this.

Brittani Mcliverty said she and Jeramey were living together and engaged to be married just before the show. She asked if he had told her about his previous fiancée.

Brittani, Jeramey’s Alleged Ex, Speaks Out Amid ‘Love is Blind’ Controversy

Jeramey Lutinski’s ex-fiancé is speaking up about his past. Brittani commented on Laura’s Instagram post, asking if Jeramey ever mentioned his ex-fiancé before Laura. She also mentioned selling a house shortly before Jeramey appeared on the show. Brittani wants to share proof and make sure Laura and Sarah Ann are informed.

Brittani’s bio says she lives between Charlotte, North Carolina, and New York City. She refers to herself as “Kingston’s mommy.” Two years ago, she posted a selfie with Jeramey, both of them smiling happily.

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