Love Is Blind Season 6: Chelsea Blackwell’s Unexpected Choice Sparks Fan Theories on Possible Engagement

Love Is Blind Season 6: Chelsea Blackwell's Unexpected Choice Sparks Fan Theories on Possible Engagement

In Love Is Blind Season 6, Chelsea Blackwell had feelings for Jimmy and Trevor Sova. Fans were surprised when she picked Jimmy, knowing he liked someone else too. Trevor only had eyes for Chelsea and said he loved her. Fans believe they might be engaged now that the show is over, based on hints.

This season of Love Is Blind was full of drama and surprises. Rumors say Jimmy had a girlfriend outside the show. Love triangles were everywhere. Brittany and Kenneth split up suddenly.

Fans were most shocked by the Episode 9 ending. Laura discovered Jeramey was with Sarah Ann until 5 a.m. He lied about his whereabouts after Laura saw he wasn’t where he claimed to be.

Jimmy told Jess she’s still his top choice. Fans speculate Chelsea Blackwell is now with Trevor Sova.

Are Wedding Bells in the Air for Chelsea Blackwell and Trevor Sova?

There are signs that they might get engaged. In the last episode, Jimmy told Jess she is his top priority. Then, Chelsea yells at him. Fans on TikTok believe she said yes to Jimmy because he asked first. Trevor posted a photo on Instagram of them hugging.

Maybe Jimmy messed up with Chelsea, and she chose to be with Trevor instead because he treated her well from the start. It’s unclear if they are engaged, but it wouldn’t be surprising. Trevor might be a better match for Chelsea.

She likes mullets, he is cute, and they had a strong connection. Even though Jimmy called Chelsea clingy, they tried to work things out. Viewers will have to wait and see what happens.

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