Love Is Blind Season 2: Are Natalie Lee and Shayne Jensen From Love Is Blind Married?

Love Is Blind Season 2: Are Natalie Lee and Shayne Jensen From Love Is Blind Married?

One of the funniest dynamics of Love Is Blind Season 2 is the love triangle between Shayne, Shaina and Natalie. In the end, Shayne decides that the woman he wants to propose to is Natalie Lee. As a result, Shaina ends up temporarily moving on with Kyle.

Natalie Lee is extremely excited to learn that Shayne wanted to choose her to settle instead of Shaina Hurley, but did this excitement last? One of the main questions that fans of this popular Netflix reality show had before the finale was whether or not Natalie Lee and Shayne Jensen were officially married.

Love Is Blind Season 2: Are Natalie Lee and Shayne Jensen From Love Is Blind Married?

The season 2 finale reveals that a big fight between Natalie Lee and Shayne Jensen happened before their wedding. However, they show up to their big day. But when they get to the altar, Natalie says she can’t go through with it. Later, Natalie Lee and Shayne Jensen discuss their fight from the night before. Apparently, Shayne said he hated Natalie and that she was the worst thing for him.

It was an off-camera fight the night before their wedding. And even though both Natalie Lee and Shayne Jensen are at their wedding, they are not getting married. And even if they are somehow together outside of the show, there are likely no wedding bells in their future.

A quick look at Natalie Lee’s Instagram doesn’t reveal any hints or indications that she’s still in a relationship with Shayne. A recent photo she posted shows her taking a selfie in the mirror without a diamond visible on her ring finger; however, it’s possible that the photo shows her right hand, in the case of mirror photos.

Even peeking on Shayne’s Instagram doesn’t provide any clues about a possible relationship with Natalie. The Chicago real estate agent has been posting a lot of promotional content for Love Is Blind lately, but no photos with Natalie. We know the couple isn’t getting married, but they might not even be friends anymore.

When Shayne first enters the pods, he develops romantic feelings for both Natalie and Shaina Hurley. He struggles to focus his feelings on one woman over the other and continually flirts with both for an extended period of time. Shaina Hurley is extremely disappointed when she finds out that Shayne chooses Natalie as his wife.

Shaina Hurley eventually confronts Shayne at a group meeting in Chicago. She says that Natalie and Shayne are not meant for each other, but Shayne is still loyal to her boyfriend at this point.

Unfortunately, things don’t work out for Shayne and Natalie on their wedding day, but you can’t say they didn’t try at their old college.

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