Love Is Blind: Lauren Chamblin (LC) Became A Social Media Influencer

Love Is Blind: Lauren Chamblin (LC) Became A Social Media Influencer

Many of the stars of the Netflix reality series Love Is Blind have become super famous. Fans are curious about Jessica Batten’s engagement and can’t get enough of the juicy story of her and Mark Cuevas’ relationship on the series. There’s another cast member that fans love and that’s Lauren Chamblin.

The reality star, who likes to use the name “LC”, was also keen on starting a relationship with Matt Barnett and was sad to see him dump her and choose Amber Pike. While many fans think Barnett and Amber are adorable together, Lauren Chamblin hasn’t had any luck in love and she seems so cute that it’s a real shame.

When you look at the net worth of the cast of Love Is Blind, no one is sure how much money Lauren Chamblin has in the bank, but he has a great career and has worked hard since filming season 1 of the show.

Love Is Blind fans will be delighted to hear that Lauren Chamblin has recently launched a podcast. He and his friend Tiffany Danielle host a podcast called “Permission To Enter” and episodes are released on Thursdays.

The podcast is about love, dating and relationships, so it’s suitable for anyone who is single or who wants to listen to two friends talk about these important topics. Lauren Chamblin and Tiffany are also cool people on the podcast and they interviewed clairvoyant professor Jesse King, registered dietician Megan and Erin Clare Jones, an expert in human design. Many Love Is Blind fans appreciate that LC is honest about being single and wanting to meet a partner, so it’s great to have another format to listen to him on.

Love Is Blind: Lauren Chamblin (LC) Became A Social Media Influencer

Many real-life stars enjoy promoting products on Instagram, and having appeared on Love Is Blind, it seems Lauren Chamblin has become a social media influencer too.

Lauren Chamblin is great at talking about the products he likes to use. LC has collaborated with Kroger and in a recent video, he shared that he made white bean and kale soup. LC also shared a video of a visit he made to Baker Farms to talk about farm to table food.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

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