Love Is Blind Season 2: Why Did Salvador “Sal” Perez Say No To Mallory Zapata On ‘Love Is Blind’?

Love Is Blind Season 2: Why Did Salvador "Sal" Perez Say No To Mallory Zapata On 'Love Is Blind'?

After pod proposals, a romantic getaway to Mexico, and a few weeks of living in a luxurious Chicago high-rise, the five remaining engaged couples on Love Is Blind arrived at their wedding in the Season 2 finale. As in the Season 1 conclusion, some of the duos chose to get married, while the others decided to end their engagements.

During their Season 2 journey, Mallory Zapata and Salvador “Sal” Perez connected through food, family, and ukulele serenades, but they also argued over her connection to Jarrette Jones, her ex, and the engagement ring. Did Sallory say “I do” on their wedding day?

Before the ceremony, Mallory Zapata shared that she was ready to walk down the aisle, and that she was “100 percent confident” in her decision. Even though most of her family members were not present at the wedding, it looked like Mallory was about to say yes to her fiancé. Before Mallory Zapata and Salvador “Sal” Perez shared their decisions, they recited their vows.

The strategic communications consultant said Salvador “Sal” Perez “felt like home” to her, and that he made her feel “comfortable, safe and loved.”Salvador “Sal” Perez also expressed his love for his fiancée in his vows.

When the officiant asked for Sal’s decision, she chose not to go forward with the wedding ceremony.Although Mallory did not have the opportunity to share her decision, it was clear that the wedding was not going to happen.

Love Is Blind Season 2: Why Did Salvador “Sal” Perez Say No To Mallory Zapata On ‘Love Is Blind’?

Once Mallory left the altar, Sal wanted to talk to her loved ones to discuss exactly why she said no. He explained that they had too much work to do to build trust in their relationship before they could get married. “I can only give her my truest self, and my most honest choice,” he told them. “That’s why I said no today.”

After all the guests left, Mallory returned to talk to Sal. She acknowledged that she probably would have said yes if he had, too. “In my heart, I knew that you weren’t 100 percent sure,” she replied.

Sal told his Love Is Blind counterpart that he was tempted to “take that leap” with her, but that he couldn’t do it. He shared that he wanted them both to stay in each other’s lives.

When Mallory asked if he would like to explore a relationship with her outside of the show, Sal reiterated that he wanted to “take some time away from it all.” However, he noted that he wanted to take Mallory on an early date.

“When I was there holding her hands, I just knew that, whatever it is that we needed, we needed more That’s why I said no why I said no.”

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