Are Shayne Jansen And Natalie Lee From ‘Love is Blind 2’ Married?

Are Shayne Jansen And Natalie Lee From 'Love is Blind 2' Married?

One of the most entertaining dynamics of Love is Blind Season 2 is the messy love triangle between Shayne, Shayne Jansen And Natalie Lee. In the end, Shayne decided that the woman he wanted to propose to was Natalie Lee. As a result, Shaina ended up temporarily moving on with Kyle. Natalie Lee was extremely excited to learn that Shayne Jansen wanted to choose her to settle in Shaina’s place, but did this excitement last? One of the main questions that fans of this popular reality show have is whether or not Shayne and Natalie are officially married

Are Shayne Jansen And Natalie Lee From ‘Love is Blind 2’ Married?

Season 2 of Love is Blind has not yet been added to Netflix’s streaming platform in its entirety. For now, only the first five episodes of the show are available. The next half of season 2 will be added to Netflix on February 18, 2022, but until then, there are a lot of lingering questions. The fifth episode ended with a big fight between Shayne Jansen And Natalie Lee – does that mean things are totally over for the couple?

If viewers don’t see them reconcile in future episodes, it means it’s possible they never made it to the altar. Natalie is a consulting executive living in Chicago, and her choice to join the cast of the show stemmed from her desire to meet a husband who would add a good balance to her career-focused life. These days she has over 28,700 followers on Instagram and posts lots of photos of her beautiful exotic travels.

A quick scroll through her IG doesn’t reveal any hints or indications that she’s still in a relationship with Shayne, though. The most recent photo she posted shows her taking a selfie in the mirror without a diamond visible on her ring finger; however, it’s possible that the photo shows her right hand, in case of mirror photos.

Even peeking on Shayne Jansen’s Instagram doesn’t provide any clues about a possible marriage to Natalie. Shayne is a Chicago-based real estate agent with over 24,100 followers on IG. She has been posting a lot of promotional content for Love is Blind lately, but no photos with Natalie.

Until the rest of the episodes are added to Netflix, the truth about the status of Shayne Jansen And Natalie Lee’s marriage probably won’t be revealed.

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