Love Is Blind Season 2: Will Shayne Jansen Break Up With Natalie Lee For Shaina Hurley?

Love Is Blind Season 2: Will Shayne Jansen Break Up With Natalie Lee For Shaina Hurley?

Being in the pods of Love Is Blind would take a toll on anyone, and season 2 cast member Shayne Jansen doesn’t have it easy from the start. In the first half of the season, he’s tested in ways he didn’t expect, and at one point he even says he’s leaving. So, does Shayne Jansen really leave Love Is Blind? He quickly makes a connection with two women, Shaina Hurley and Natalie Lee. He quickly becomes confused about which woman he wants to be with. And while his feelings for Shaina Hurley are stronger at first, his hesitation to become exclusive causes Shayne to grow closer to Natalie Lee.

When Shaina Hurley comes back on her feelings and decides she wants to be with Shayne Jansen, it becomes too much for him. At the end of the first episode of season two, Shayne says he’s leaving. He also walks out the door, seemingly leaving the show.

Thankfully, Shayne Jansen returned in episode 2. Apparently, by leaving, he meant that he needed to get some air rather than leave the experiment altogether. Fortunately for Natalie Lee and Shaina Hurley, they are given more time to get to know him in the pods, as they both still have strong feelings for him at this point. However, Shayne’s experience doesn’t get any easier.

He still finds himself pulled between both women throughout the first half of the season, and Natalie and Shaina Hurley are convinced that he cares more about them than the other. It’s a bit of a mess. Shayne doesn’t make it any easier when he trades one for the other through the pod walls.

Although it is initially unclear who Shayne Jansen ends up with or whether he gets engaged to Natalie Lee or Shaina, he eventually proposes to Natalie Lee. Soon after, Shaina approaches him in the pods to declare her feelings for him, but it’s too late; although Shayne temporarily seems to go back on his proposal, he stays with Natalie.

That doesn’t mean things are going smoothly for Shayne and Natalie, however. They still have their differences, and now they have to get to know each other outside of the pods. This is the true test for all couples – and with Shayne’s past “relationship” with Shaina looming over them, things won’t be easy.

Love Is Blind Season 2: Will Shayne Jansen Break Up With Natalie Lee For Shaina Hurley?

It’s no surprise that Natalie and Shayne Jansen are not the most compatible couple. Once they meet face to face and travel to Mexico to get to know each other, they discover they have many differences. Some of these differences work for them, and others create problems they hadn’t anticipated. But will this cause Shayne Jansen to actually dump Natalie for Shaina?

Since the second half of season 2 isn’t on Netflix yet, we can’t say for sure. But there are already some red flags in Natalie and Shayne Jansen’s relationship, like her penchant for eating in bed and her more introverted personality when out with friends.

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